Karmic Mapping for prospective clients and employees

Karmic Mapping for the Corporates

How do you know this employee is good for you? or this new client or deal? Is it the right time to sign the deal? Do I have a past karma which is blocking my company’s growth as projected? When will this pattern of failure end?.. Now with Karmic mapping and Intuitive guidance you can find answers to all these questions.

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Over the years, in the times uncertainty, many people and corporates have contacted us to seek guidance, whenever they are starting on a new venture, hiring a new employee, signing a new deal etc.

We also do Psychic Readings for under performing current employees to find if they have a Karmic Blocks from Past Lives blocking their own, and in turn company’s growth as well. For example in one case an employee had many curses and karmic blocks related to money, so whatever project he was made a part of, it fell apart, had loads blockages or didn’t fair well. Once karmic blocks were healed, the projects became smoother to execute.

We keep our clients confidential, so unlike other section we don’t have testimonials here. Take it up if you feel it would suit you.

Fee: Rs 3000 INR (per person)

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Write to us about your requirement at innerjourneys11@gmail.com


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