Mantra Healing

Sound has vibrations. For ages, different traditions have used sound or vibration as healing tool. Mantras are powerful prayers, help you vibrate at the frequency of the diety or power source you are connecing to. No wonder, for ages, the power of Mantras, chanting, incantations to bring about positive changes.

Mantra and Vedic astrology

Each mantra has its own positive energy and planetary effects. So consult with your astrologer to find praying to which deity is astrologically more beneficial. For example, praying to Hanumanji increases the effect of planet Mangal (Mars), just wearing orange colour. So if Mars is placed negativily in your horoscope or natal chart. Praying to Hanumanji, doing Hanuman Chalisa as chanting would only increase negative effects of Mars. So avoid that. Instead chose a more favorable planet and deity, as ultimately all deities are same. They don’t mind.

How to start?

Simplest of all Mantras would be Aum. Repeat slowly mentally, in a meditative state for best results. You can also do it verbally, with a Japa mala to help you keep the count. 3 times, 7 times, 11 times or 108 times.

Focus on the Heart chakra that is middle of the chest or where you feel natural, or the specific organ or chakra you need healing energy in.

Do it with emotions and feelings (bhaav) for good results. Never in a hurry. If you have time to do it once, that is ok, but do it from the heart. Feel the mantra within. Done mechanically, it greatly limits the results.

All the best!

Practise with us

In the following guided meditation, we have to used the vibration of Om to facilitate Chakra Healing.

Chakra Healing

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