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A problem can have many components like, Karmic, Energetic, Physiological, Psychological as in Behavioural, or even Astrological. Just as a problem can be from the Conscious, Subconscious or Unconscious Mind. We need to address all of them, for a long-lasting healing only then it would be a Holistic Healing.

Plus every person is different – physiologically, psychologically, Spiritually as well as Karmically, thus an ideal healing pathway has to be uniquely designed as per the needs of the person. Choosing from a host of Personal Sessions or Remote Healings based on your specific needs. That’s not all, as we go along we keep altering the plan based on the response and guidance of our Spiritguides.

So, if you have multiple issues, consider getting Akashic Records Reading done to know the full extent of karmic baggage and guidance from Spiritguides. The would lead to a consultation session over phone or Zoom, where we can plan your session. Read here

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Abhishek : +91 9810 206293

Priyanka: +91 9594 280000

(Working Hours: 11 am – 7 pm IST, Mon – Sat)

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We can only take up clients, whom our Spiritguides allow us to work with. Some clients are meant to work with others, with whom their energies align better. Universe wants what’s best for you.

So whenever you approach us for healing, please first send your name, age and recent photograph, so we can check with our guides, if we can proceed with your case. Once you send us the basic information required, we will inform you within a day or two maximum, as we understand your time is also precious.

Consultation / Counselling Session:

Over Zoom, telephone or Personal meeting at our centres in Bhopal or Gurgaon

Fee :₹2000/- INR

Duration : 45 min – 1 hour max

Consultation only with prior appointment

Payment via GooglePay, UPI or Paytm or Bank transfer, whatever suits you let us know. No cash transactions.

Message us whenever you transfer, will confirm appointment for next available date

We offer online and off-line sessions:

  • Remote Akashic Records HealingHealing multiple Past Lives in one go, no matter where you are, thru Distance Healing. Health, Relationships, Career, and Money blocks, Curses & vows. Age or distance no bar. 
  • Astro-Akashic HealingA healing discipline, which combines the wisdom of Vedic Astrology with  Akashic Records Healing.
  • Akashic Records Reading to know the reason behind your current fate and know your karmic blocks. 
  • Past Life Regression Therapy for Fears/Phobias, Relationship conflicts and blocks, marriage blocks, Infertility, Career/Financial Blocks, Chronic illness with no reasons, Unexplained Aches and pains, Curses and Vows. Nightmares (Details here)
  • Inner Child Healing/ Age Regression for Behavioural issues, Anger and Anxiety problems, Emotional and Sexual abuse. Low confidence/Self esteem issues. 
  • Angel Healing: Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual healing with Angels. No matter what age, new born or the dying, it was gentle, yet powerful effect.
  • Intuitive Guidance: Psychic Reading via photograph to decide on Matrimonial alliance, corporate hiring, investments. Angel Card Reading and Future guidance from Spirit guides and Angels. 
  • Hypnotherapy for Stress reduction, Anxiety, Sports Performance improvement, Public speaking fears, Nervousness, Stammering, Anger & Pain management, Fears & Phobias, Inner Conflicts
  • Shadow Work: Healing Inner conflicts, understanding and sub-personalities. Spiritual Hypnosis, Working with Spirit guides,  Subconscious dialoguing and Part Therapy
  • Healing for the Terminally ill. Reducing suffering and prolonged agony for the person and the  family by clearing Karmic baggage and aura. 
  • Healing for the Deceased loved onesTransition healing, emotional release and Akashic  healing.
  • Connecting with Deceased loved ones: For emotional closure and making peace, unfinished conversations, goodbyes, forgiveness, check on their well being etc. (We don’t do Mediumship)
  • Remote Energy Clearance and Spirit Release TherapyClearing Spirit Attachments or Possessions from aura thru distance healing. 
  • Life Between Lives (LBL) or Spiritual Regression: To Know Life Purpose and Reasons behind current life script.
  • Chakra Healing & Balancing
  • Learn Meditation One-on-one or in a group. De-stress, Heal Anxiety, Over analytical mind, Rejuvenate, learn Self Healing
  • Spiritual Direction Coaching for Spiritual Growth and Self discovery. Go beyond intellectual spirituality. Know your blocks and shadow. One-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Dream Therapy and Interpretation: Understand the language of dreams and achieve powerful healing. Dream Work.
  • Family Tree Healing (Pitr Dosha or Ancestral Curse Healing): Ancestral curses and blocks that plague generation after generation.
  • Space/ House Clearance: Does your home feels negative? Do you feel a presence?
  • Workshops, retreats and seminars: Past Life Regression Workshop, LBL Workshop, Inner Child Healing & Shadow Work Workshop, Self Healing Workshop (2 days, Online or Offline). 6-day Retreats: Self Healing and Self-Discovery. Women empowerment and Corporate Leadership seminars.

Want to know how we started? Read here

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