Pain Relief

Starting from World War II, pain management has been one of the primary and early uses of Hypnotherapy in modern times. It continues to be used widely, even skeptics now vouch for its efficacy. Many countries now have Hypnotherapist assisting Hypnosis-Birthing and in surgical procedures. Learning Self Hypnosis, one can reduce opioid dependency in cases of Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation after injury, Cancer Pain and many other types of pain.

Learn Self Hypnosis to ease your suffering.

What does Medical Research Say?

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Need Pain Relief?

Fee: Rs 7000 INR per session 
Duration: 1 – 1 1/2  hours

Location: Online over Zoom app OR

at our Centres in Sector 57, Gurgaon, India Or Mahendra City, Bhopal, India

Facilitators: Abhishek Joshi  & Priyanka Bhargava 
(Read more about our facilitators: here )

To book a session

Contact: Abhishek:  +91 981020 6203, Priyanka: +91 959428 0000.

Email: (

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