Tattva Healing (Elements)

Healing for the Elements

Human life and body is created out of five basic elements, also known as Tattva. These Panch mahabhootas or Panch Tattvas are Akasha (Space), Vayu (Air), Tejas (Fire), Jal/Apas (Water) and Prithvi (Earth).

Vayu, the lord of the Winds (Air element), deity of Breath (prana) and Vata

Knowing their importance, since ancient times, these elements have been venerated and worshipped in various ways: mantras, prayer and homam. We have temples dedicated to them. Common example are the Pancha Bhoota Stalam, or five temples dedicated to Shiva, each representing a manifestation of the five prime elements of nature. Air element is workshipped as Vayu Lingam at SriKalahasti temple, Andhra Pradesh. River Goddesses have been worshipped for thousands of years, to honour the Water element, one that controls the emotions.

But we can heal them in a simpler way, by healing the origin of their imbalance – our past karma.

What causes imbalance of Tattva?

Misuse of an element in a lifetime or lifetimes, can cause its imbalance in following lifetimes as karmic consequence. Till we clear the baggage and learn the lesson of respecting an element and handling it carefully. Manipulation of elements via Tantrik powers is highly detrimental to our karma. 

In physiology these imbalances show up as Doshas as defined by Ayurveda, ancient Indian medical science.

DoshaBhoota Characteristic

When we set out to heal a certain element, we heal the lifetimes it was abused or misused, via accessing the Akashic Records Library, where our past lives records are stored. Since we have thousands of lifetimes, we can only heal lifetime, which are karmically ready for healing.
We can access the Akashic Records on the basis of a number of modes. Using planetary dysfunction – Astro-Akashic Healing, Life area dysfunction say blocks in areas like Work, relationship etc – Akashic Records Healing. Or if you want to address the karmic quotient in the dysfunction in the Elements or Tattva, we do Tattva Healing in those cases. 

Let’s take example of Fire element. Karmically, it originates in the misuse of Fire element or Tattva: Via arrogance, aggression, passion and over ambition in past lives. The result? We suffer the aggression of others, become too violent and aggressive oursselves, burn out. Or we are passive (weak Sun astrologically or negatively placed Moon in the horoscope). In short, Pitta Dosha imbalance. Low digestive fire, indigestion, or hyper acidity, ulcers etc – All Fire element dysfunctions. Makes sense? If it does, let’s go ahead…

Step-by-Step Guide to a Tattva Healing Session

  • WhatsApp or email (info@innerjourneys.life) us a recent photograph or simple selfie, in good light with clear eyes looking into camera. To avoid shadow over eyes, try clicking a photo facing a light source
  • Share your medical history, both physical and mental & emotional health. Make sure you share all the issues at the outset, so we can help you better. As often issues are inter related. Limited details limits healing.
  • We will send you an Online test to know your Dosha score between Vata, Pitta and Kapha (many availalble online). if already know your score from your Ayurvedic doctor/ practictioner, do share it as well.
  • Next we will send you our bank details, to make bank transfer. (Or GooglePay, Paytm, UPI). Clients from outside India can pay via Xoom PayPal (not PayPal), or any reliable transfer service like Transfer wise. Any Transfer or transaction fee is to be borne by the client only.
  • Thereafter we can fix a date for healing session (or reading). You might have issues in many areas of life say health, relationships or work. We start with the healing for most important issue in the first session as guides suggests or as you think apt.
  • On day of session, you can to do a forgiveness prayer, in the morning. This would be sent to you in advance. You can also meditate on the day as usual. Other than that you can carry on with your normal routine. Our healing process is independent of what you do otherwise. 
  • Once the healing is done, a brief summary report of the session is sent to you usually the next day or in the evening. This includes guidance received from spiritguides about the journey ahead and next healing etc.
  • If need be, we can discuss, the findings and clarifications over call, chat or email.
  • We will also send an behavioural advisory based on your Elemental imbalance. You can futher discuss it with your Aurvedic doctor for a lasting health and well being.

Fee: Rs 10,000 -13,000 INR per dosha (depending on the healing work)

You can deposit the base fee Rs 8000 prior to the session, the rest can be deposited post session.

Need help or healing?

Write to us about your issues at: info@innerjourneys.life.
Msg us Abhishek: +919810206293

(Working Hours: 11 am – 7 pm IST)

Statutory Disclaimer: Healing or meditations are not a replacement for any professional or medical advice or medical prescription. We strongly recommend that you consult a Medical Doctor or Health Care provider, if you have any physical or mental problems.

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