Numerological Guidance

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Inner Journeys brings to you, a new understanding of your life journey using the ancient science of Numbers and Divination, dating all the way back to the 6th-century Greek philosopher Pythagoras, and much before him into antiquity.

For Numerological Life Profiling & Review, Guidance and Name number correction.

Fee: Numerological Life Profiling & Review with Name change suggestion (if required): Rs 15,000 INR

Contact: Priyanka Shukla: +91 9594280000.

or share your problems with us at

Priyanka Shukla, a Co-founder of Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IMDHA, USA) & Trainer, Certified Ericksonian Life Coach, Past Life Regression Therapist, Psychic Healer, Medium, and Channel. Certified Numerologist, Certified Angel Healer & Trainer and Core-Somatic Integration Therapist. She has also learned Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), EMDR, EFT and other healing modalities. She specializes in Family-tree Healing, Spirit Release Therapy, besides Space clearance. She facilitator of workshops and retreats, and her passion is Women Empowerment and Conscious Parenting.


Prior payment is required at the time of booking a session.

Google Pay, UPI, or Bank transfer, whatever you prefer, let us know, we will share payment details.

If you are living outside India: You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.

You can use an currency online converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. 

While communicating from another time zone, please note our Working hours 11 am -7 pm IST. (IST = GMT +5:30). 

Angel Guidance: If you have faith in Angels, you can also choose to go for Angel Guidance, via Angel Card Reading and other Angel Divination tools. Click here to know more

DISCLAIMER: Intuitive Reading is not a replacement for medical diagnostics, or professional advice.

This is not a prediction, rather guidance.

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