Happy Freedom!

Choose Freedom.

Every freedom is worth fighting for.

Every right is worth fighting for.

You are worthy of every fight, our freedom fighters laid down their lives for. As is your happiness.

Never give up your rights now! Your happiness and well being.

Mahabharat was fought not for a piece of land, it was for rights, that is our Dharma. Never give up on what’s right! Many souls have to repeat the same life script, lifetime after lifetime till they learn to fight for themselves, empower themselves. Freedom from victimhood, past trauma, ignorance, darkness, shadows, complacency and indolence is the journey of a soul as well. There is no getting away from life lessons embedded in our life script by our soul and Spiritguides. That is our Karma for the lifetime, and we know there is no getting away from it. Right?

Giving up for ourselves and our right to lead to good life, that is the biggest wrong and sheer indolence (akarmanyata) and that is how we lose our empowerment and freedom. Citizens, humans beware.

Freedom comes with a price, and your future self will thank you for your efforts today. Never give up!

Never overlook, never ignore any wrong, infringement of personal rights as that is how we lose our freedom. As you uphold your freedom, emotional, mental, financial and spiritual, you will create a nation which is freer than what our ancestors left us with. We are the new freedom fighters!

Freedom is an ongoing journey. Be a part of your freedom journey. Let’s create a freer nation and an empowered nation and thus the world. Yes we can. Your life can be the beginning of ripple effect we have been waiting for.

A nation is as free, happy and empowered as it’s citizens.

Here’s wishing you freedom.

Jai Hind. ✊🏻

– Abhishek

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