Astro-Akashic Healing


Vedic Astrology meets Akashic Records Healing 
to create a blessing for you!

Inner Journeys presents Astro Akashic Healing, an innovative healing technique which combines the wisdom of Vedic Astrology and Remote Akashic Records Healing, to create a potent healing modality for healing the issues in your horoscope.

The Life script we chose as souls prior to our birth, decides our birth coordinates and also the position of planets and constellations at the time of our birth. This is revealed through our birth charts. But the life script itself is based upon our past life Karmas, Prarabdha Karma to be precise. That is one reason why astrologers suggest poojas, homa (havan), Japas and anusthans as Astrological Healing Remedies, besides Gemology and Colour Therapy.

Planets and constellations have a specific placement in your horoscope and give you positive or negative results depending on their position, axis and House they are placed.

The idea is to appease or please the planets, by healing what had displeased them in the first place, namely our bad karmic choices in various past lives. Thus when we perform Karmic Healing, their effect is reduced or amplified depending on the impact it has on you.

For example, the Sun in an horoscope amongst other things, denotes radiance, lightness and enthusiasm, however if we misuse our radiance or power to become arrogant and suppress others, as a result in coming lifetimes as karmphala (fruits of our Karma), we would lose the privilege of radiance in future. This is what we means as having Sun low, or negatively placed Sun in the chart. This in turn help us clear the past karma and learn life lesson of humility by seeing the same divine light in all fellow beings.

Every horoscope is designed in way and it totally syncs with your life script and life lessons you have to learn. And the life script is based on the karmas we have choosen to clear and lessons we have decided to learn.

We at Inner Journeys have designed and developed a unique modality to help you reduce the negative effects of the planets by psychically connecting to planets and healing the karmas that they are holding for you to clear in this lifetime. It has taken us months of research, testing and collaborating with our Spiritguides to be ready to serve this offering to the larger world. We are delighted in doing so.

So if you believe in Vedic Astrology and Akashic Records Healing and Karma, this could be pathway for you to enhance your life, overcome life’s problem.

How does Astro Akashic Healing works?

  1. Identifying the planets and constellations bringing -ve effect.
  2. Connecting with planets/ constellations.
  3. Clearing the related karmic baggage.
  4. Restoring natural balance.

Astro Akashic healing is a way by which we can minimise the negative impact of a planet and constellations (nakshatra) by healing the karmas, which that particular planet is regulating. Once Akashic Healing is done and karmic baggage reduced, we interface with the specific planetary energy, say Mars, and the shift in karmic energies allows it is to shift to a new favourable position in the chart, reduce its negative effect or increase its potency, whatever it feels befitting. This is done under the supervision of Spiritguides and Cosmic masters.

Only that much shift is done, which is the person is ready for, karmically. As you can understand, not everything can be shifted or altered in the life script. One has to learn the life lessons associated with a life script for sure, all we can do by Astro healing is reduce the impact as much as we can.

For example: Venus represents the wealth, abundance and luxuries that one will have in life, but if you have a karma to clear related to wealth then you might not get it easily. So if we clear karmas related to wealth and abundance then Venus can bring us a good fortune.

Kundali or astrological chart in Indian astrology

Another good example would be Saturn, also called the lord or planet of justice and often its Dasha brings with it major karmic clearance period for people, as unfolds tough life lessons, which might have missed or skipped in previous lifetimes. However Shani, also brings good luck to those who have accumulated good karmas. So by clearing the baggage of bad karmas we have done and by seeking forgiveness from those we have hurt we can minimise the negative effect of Saturn.

Our Collaborator: In Astro-Akashic healing, we collaborate with a noted and respected Vedic Astrologer to get Chart interpretations and finer nuances of Vedic Astrology right.

His approach to astrology and astrological remedies is practical, assuring and ever innovative.

Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology

Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology is one of the Vedāṅga, the six auxiliary disciplines used to support Vedic rituals and study of Vedas. An important text in this is the Bhrigu Saṃhita, an astrological treatise by sage Maharishi Bhrigu, one of the Saptarishis of the Vedic period. Read more

Common elements of Indian astrology are Raashi – zodiacal signs, Nakshatras – Constellations (lunar mansions), Dashas – planetary periods, Grahas – planets and Gocharas – transits.

Akashic Records Healing

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for ‘ether’ or simply put sky. Akashic Records are compendium of all our past life events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent. In meditation and hypnotic trance people have seen them as library on the non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

Akashic Records Library

Now the question is, how do we clear Karma? We do this by healing lifetimes from where the karmic Dosha or baggage is originating. Through Akashic Records Library we get to access the specific origin lifetimes. Once accessed with help of Spiritguides in a meditative state, we go on to healing all the victim souls – souls who have been harmed emotionally, physically or financially, directly or indirectly. Releasing their pain, trauma, suffering, anger and hurt is the next step. Once done we can now request them to drop their curses and vows against the person. Often curses bind us to long cycle of karmic clearance, up to 7-10 lifetimes, depending upon the karma we have done. Life always balances out karma.

In healing, we bring the victims to their original state as much as possible, restoring their mental, physical or physical health with guides and angels. Thereby reducing our karmic baggage. An important aspect of Karmic Healing which comes through, so that we do not repeat the same mistakes again. Souls willing to grow, heal faster.

In short, Akashic Records Healing or Karmic Healing helps in reducing his karmic baggage due to which one suffers. Once we clear whatever is ready to be healed, the suffering is reduced. Through Akashic Records we access the related past lives, and heal all the people harmed by us directly or indirectly. Once healed these soul can drop their curses and vows against us. This in turn reduces our karmic baggage. Read more

What to expect?

We can’t change the course of planets and neither can we change the houses they are placed in your horoscope, what we can do by Astro healing is, we can reduce the impact or minimise it by doing the clearance. We have been doing these healing for a close circle of trusting clients, now we are opening this to wider circle.


  1. It will help in reducing the impact of a Dasha or transition of a planet if it’s affecting in a negative way.
  2. Help you clear the backlog of karma or prarabdha karma.
  3. Get a better understanding of your life script and lessons.
  4. Opening doors to abundance and greater well being.

Planetary Guidance

If you are willing to grow, you are ready to heal.

Post each session, Planetary Guides give specific guidance for each person, based on your past karmic trajectory.

Advice is given to help you realise that you have the power to change the course of your soul’s journey, by making more aware and aligned choices. Behavioural and attitudinal changes, which would help you learn the specific life lessons, each planetary dysfunction is signifying. In time, it is by changing our kriyamaan and agaami karma (present and future karma) can we truly change a planetary course in our chart.

Following the guidance whole hearted is advised for a lasting effect. True healing takes us towards wholeness, completeness, and our soul moves towards its light!

How to Book a Session

If you have faith in spiritual healing and you want to get a healing done for yourself or for a loved one, do msg us with your problems with following details:

  1. Name, age, recent photograph and short profile or biography
  2. Problems or issues in detail
  3. Date and time of Birth, location and Birth Chart details  

Whatsapp or Message our facilitators:

Priyanka Shukla: +91 959428 0000,

Abhishek Joshi: +91 9810206293

Read more about our Co-founders here

Write to us in detail at

As always your information is kept confidential.


We can only take up clients, whom our Spiritguides allow us to work with. Some clients are meant to work with others, with whom their energies align better. Universe wants what’s best for you.

So whenever you approach us for healing, please first send your name, age and recent photograph, so we can check with our guides, if we can proceed with your case. Once you send us the basic information required, we will inform you within a day or two maximum, as we understand your time is also precious.

Fee: Rs. 15,000 INR per planet or constellation

We can choose which 2-3 planets need the most healing. You can even space out healings monthly basis, as per your convenience.

Fee for Astrologer consultation: Rs 1000 (Additional One-time-fee)


  • Spiritual healing based upon mutual faith and trust. Thus, we reserve our right to deny any client, in case we find him or her to be skeptical, rude or not ready for healing. 
  • Prior payment is required at the time of booking a session. It is advised to book a week or two in advance, due to waiting list. Message whenever you transfer, will book next available date. We have a long waiting so please be patient.
  • Healing is done remotely, so your presence and involvement not required. You can carry about your normal routine.
  • Reports, which includes session summary and guidance if any, are usually sent in the evening around 8 pm via Whatsapp or email. (PDF File)
  • Charges may vary with healing work required. Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • You can start your healing journey with the most important or disturbing planet in your chart. The rest of the planets can be healed gradually, based on your comfort-level.

If you are living outside India:

  • You can use Xoom PayPal (not PayPal) or any reliable transfer service like Wise (formerly Transferwise), Remitly etc, which transfers fee directly to our bank account. Transfer fee will have to be borne by the client.
  • You can use an currency online  converter to get actual fee in your local currency at the time of payment. Like this one.


“Honestly speaking, I was a bit skeptical to try Astro Akashic in the beginning, with a few common doubts in my mind like was it tampering with my horoscope? How much would it help, finding the whole thing a bit overwhelming. It was my faith in Krishna and the trust in Inner journeys that I just went ahead on this healing path. My health was my prime concern. After a near-death experience in July this year, I took the plunge to get Astro Akashic healing done from Priyanka. I’ve been actively practising multiple healing modalities for several years now. However, my autoimmune disorders have been getting active on and off. That’s when Akashic healing has really helped me. I’m so grateful to Priyanka for healing my planetary positions so dedicatedly that the positive effects are definitely showing up in my physical well being. I’m able to now do many things which were physically impossible for me to even attempt. My heartfelt gratitude to Inner Journeys for coming up with such a powerful and innovative healing modality that can be so useful for many of us, who are suffering from some traumatic pain or the other. I would highly recommend Akashic healing to people. Though it might sound a bit overwhelming in the beginning but its effects cannot be underestimated.”

  • Arushi Aggarwal *

“I believe in astrology and impact of planets in our life. After spending huge amount on astrological remedies suggested by astrologers and pandits with a very little positive change, I was intrigued by Astro Akashic healing by Priyanka. The karmic effect on planets in our charts made a lot of sense to me and I see a lot of positive changes in my work and relationships after her healing. I strongly recommend it.”

-Varun Bajaj*

* name changed


Q. Do I need to visit Inner Journeys centre that day or be on call?

A. You don’t need to come our center or be on call, as Astro-Akashic Healing is done remotely. You can carry on with your normal routine. You just need to do a forgiveness prayer in the morning, which is sent to you in advance. Report as a PDF File is usually sent by 8 pm, with future guidance from guides.

“We only facilitate, it is God who heals.”

– Abhishek

Q. I have chosen my life script, isn’t Astro-Akashic Healing tampering with it?

A. When we fall sick we do take medicine. Don’t we? We don’t resign to an illness simply because it is due our past karma or life lesson. Or believe that if it was meant to be healed, God would have healed it. We still go to doctor and take the precribed medicine. Similarly, all Healing including Akashic Records Healing and Astrology is nothing by Spiritual medicine and an ancient one at that. We take it because we want ourselves and our family to get better.

For generations, women were made to stay in bad and abusive marriages because their families told them, “It is your karma, clear it in this life only, by suffering.” Only years later women realised, How come men in bad marriages are never told that? It was but an excuse, given by non-supportive parents and family shirk from their responsibilities. Ultimately each one has to decide that they too deserve a better life. One bad marriage need not be a life sentence. Nor two. Nor should be one illness or bad life situation.What if, the life lessons is finding courage to leave a bad or toxic relationship?  No matter how dismal a situation might seem, it is always important to improve our life condition.

Moreover, only that much healing will happen, what we are karmically entitled to. The life lessons we have chosen, are indelible. People who are willing to grow, naturally heal faster.

Q. I am not sure about this modality, what do I do?  

A. We do not convince anyone about the efficacy of Astro-Akashic or guarantee any results. We love working with people who have faith already. We know they are ready for healing. Else we don’t take up such cases. When someone is karmically ready for healing, faith comes automatically. That’s is the most beautiful journey, how Universe guides us towards healing. 

So take your time, do your research. Above all, trust your inner wisdom. As many people say, “I just know, you can help me.” Most people come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, which is the best way. If you aren’t convinced – wait. Or try something else. Though we have had many, who say, we don’t fully understand this and how it works, but we believe it will help me. So we take their cases.

If you have any question, mail us at:

Statutory Disclaimer: Healing or meditations are not a replacement for any professional or medical advice or medical prescription. We strongly recommend that you consult a Medical Doctor or Health Care provider, if you have any physical or mental problems.

Cover image credit: Cathrine Redley.

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