Healing with the Subconscious

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The Human Subconscious and Unconconscious, together are the most powerful part of our mind. Why? Because they have not just the memories, but also wisdom, insights, shadows, archetypes and powers from all our past lives lives. Now that is a powerful statement to make. That’s how powerful our subconscious mind is.

Now imagine, only imagine that what if we are able to make the subconscious mind an ally in our healing process. Wont that make our healing all the more powerful. Plus it is our access to infinite wisdom of the ages, which resides in our soul. Real or imagined, if we believe it is there, we can access to this wisdom source.

How do we make the subconscious an ally? Via hypnosis. Under hypnosis we get to let go or relax our conscious, analytical and logical side for a while, so that we can go across the barrier of Critical filter, and go deeper in the Subconscious – Unconscious mind. Here’s where all the magical stuff lie and can happen.

Subconscious Dialogue

Subconscious Dialoguing opens doors to a new realm of healing possibilities. From Emotional and Mental Detox, which letting go of repressed emotions and memories to Shift, Repair or Change in stubborn behaviour patterns we find ourselves stuck in. There is a limit to which we can use our willpower against our dark habits and traits as it creates a constant power struggle within ourselves. With always a looming fear of losing it!

Through the Direct Conversation with the Subconscious and the Unconscious, when we let go of the need to have the behaviour, we can only then change it. Only then. We all know how tough it is to change deep-seated or Unconscious habits, quirks, complexes and addictions.

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