Embrace Your Shadow : Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing Workshop

Tired of emotional struggles?

• You have had a traumatic childhood, and now it showing up your relationships or parenting style?
• You avoid intimacy and vulnerability in relationship and tend to isolate yourself to feel safe or in control?
• You have multiple failed relationships? You feel powerless and stuck in a rut in your relationships?
• You are workaholic but still feel empty inside, despite all the financial success?
• You are always ‘too busy’, over-committed and wonder when will you get to enjoy life?
• You are unable to manage your emotions like: Anger, irritation, anxiety, and depression?
• You get irritated so easily?
• You have always problem with authority figures?
• You feel everyone around is an enemy?
• You have a dream to achieve something big in life but you feel worthless?
• You judge yourself too much and what others think of you affects you?
• You feel emotionally exploited in most of your relationships?
• You attract same kind of people or patterns in your life?
• You are unable to excel in your career?
• You think you are unable to utilise your full potentials?
• You want to find peace and emotional freedom?
• You want to experience joy and harmony?
• You want to take back the remote control of your emotions from the world?
• You want to enjoy life abundantly?

If the answers to anyone of the above is YES! Then Emotional freedom is possible. And this Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing is excellent for you!

What is Shadow?

It is the unexplored and unaccepted part of our personality. The part we repress, deny or hide. Thus the light of our consciousness never reaches there. However, it continues to control our choices and behaviour. We may wear masks or built up a fortress around us or even try to overcompensate, but shadow never goes away till we acknowledge it and deal with it.

What is Inner Child?

The Inner Child is a child-like part within us, also knows as our Emotional Self.
Inner Child Healing is a powerful healing and therapeutic technique of hypnotherapy used to overcome dysfunctional childhood patterns and baggage of emotional wounds, failures, fears, trauma and abuse – physical, emotional or sexual. Further, if you have experienced dysfunctional parenting or family life – and experienced parental manipulation, control (dominance), aggression or passive aggression, negative self-beliefs, neglect, abuse or abandonment (early loss of a parent or sibling) – Inner Child Healing could be way forward towards healing, peace and fulfilling relationships. Since all our childhood memories are stored deep in the Subconscious Mind, this makes hypnosis a perfect tool to access, heal and release, compared to traditional talk-therapy.

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Inner child healing helps us connect with our emotional self, release painful emotions and fears from the past, reprograms our negative beliefs, and behaviour patterns. As we heal our emotional self we get more congruent, alive, joyful, as we have better grip over ourselves, our triggers and our limitations. We learn to overcome self-hate, self-judgment, self-harm, self sabotaging, excessive self-control or lack of it, and other self-destructive behaviours like anger, addictions, debauchery and workaholism. So that finally we can learn to be free – by being who we are, and also set health boundaries for ourselves and others.

What is Shadow Work?

Life is a mirror of our inner truths. If we don’t like what we see, fighting with the mirror image as futile as fighting our shadows. Shadow work is the only way to change the image within. Thus we can truly understand and overcome your inner conflicts and make peace with ourselves.

How we were treated as children, we end up treating others the same way – often unknowingly. The wounds we don’t heal in ourselves, we end up passing them on to our next generation. Worse still, we spend the rest of our days playing the same shadow games our parents did, to gain what they didn’t get in their childhood – love, care, affection, approval, power or control. Thus begins the Shadow play for our various dysfunctional parts, which show up repeatedly – at workplace and relationships. Why?

Wounds we don’t heal within, we end up passing them on, to the ones we love.

When we talk of the Law of Attraction, our shadows also plays a key role in what we attract. Bringing to us all that we have been running away from or fear. We unknowingly keep repeating the same patterns of anger, irritation, incongruence or disharmony, both within and in our relationships.

“जाकी रही भावना जैसी प्रभु मूरत देखी तिन तैसी।” – रामचरितमानस

“The way we perceive the Lord, that is how the Lord appears to us” – Ramcharitmanas

We bring to our life experience what we believe about the world – “Our vibe attracts our tribe”. If we believe the world is filled with helpful and kind people, that becomes our life experience. That’s why it is said that we are the creators of our experiences. As a contrast, if we believe the world is filled with say, cheats or mean people, guess what would we attract? Our subsequent experiences only re-affirm our negative world view and Shadow beliefs making us say,”…See I always knew..”. Similarly, if we believe – “Nobody loves me”, “I am alone” or “I’m unsafe”, and eventually become our reality. These beliefs are unfortunately formed during our growing years, often unconsciously. Some trauma and tragedy experiences are karmic no doubt, but then on we get to choose, how we want to respond to life and live each day.

So, my friend, Ask yourself what am I attracting? What is showing up on my horizon so often? And if you don’t like it, and want to change? – then with the help of Inner Child Healing and Shadow work, we can begin to shift.

Know more about Inner Child Healing here:

Know more about Shadow Work here:


A two-day experiential workshop, where you will be taken through a series of meditations, exercises and lively discussions. The Guided meditations will help you access your Subconscious Mind and memories to be healed, processed and released. Emotional Detox follows, and many feel de-pressured. You get see childhood experiences not as a victim, but as an empowered, student of life.

We learn, how childhood, family dysfunctions and maladaptation lead to the creation Shadow side, pseudo personality which run our lives. Till we choose to free ourselves – through Shadow Work. Each practice session makes us freer.

It is collaborative process, you benefit as much as you are willing to dig deep and be candid.

Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing is excellent for you if …
• You feel powerless in your relationships.
• You are unable to manage your emotions like: Anger, irritation, anxiety, and depression.
• You have a dream to achieve something big in life but you feel worthless.
• You judge yourself too much and what others think of you affects you.
• You feel emotionally exploited in most of your relationships.
• You attract same kind of people or patterns in your life.
• You are unable to excel in your career.
• You think you are unable to utilise your full potentials.


• Understanding Archetypes, and the origin of Shadow archetypes
• Shadows: Personal, Family, Societal and National
• Inner Child Healing: Age Regression, Emotional Connection, Soothing/ Emotional Healing, Reprogramming and Re-parenting with Affirmation. Counter Injunctions.
• Shadow Mapping: Shadow projections
• Learning tools of Shadow Work: Knowing your Inner Dialogue, Art therapy and Journaling, Dream therapy etc
• Finding the Balance & the Gift of Shadow
• Shadow Integration Meditation

Date: Coming soon…June/July, 2022 (Saturday-Sunday)
Timing: 11:00 am – 6 pm IST
Venue: Online event (Zoom app)
Fee: Rs 11,500/- INR

Facilitators: Abhishek Joshi & Priyanka

Contact: +91 959428 0000, +91 981020 6293

Email: info@innerjourneys.life

Facilitators: Abhishek Joshi & Priyanka Bhargava


ABHISHEK JOSHI is a Spiritual Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist from International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA, USA).

He is a Past Life Regression Therapist, Akashic Records Healer, and Psychic. He co-founded Inner Journeys in 2015 and Inner Journeys School of Soul Sciences in 2019. Today it is one of the only three Approved schools in India, of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA, USA). He specializes in Inner Child Healing, and Shadow Work, Remote Spirit Release Therapy and Family Tree Healing (Pitra Dosha or Ancestral Curse)

As a spiritual healer, he started his journey in 1998, with Pranic Healing and Reiki. Subsequently, he left the corporate world to answer his true calling, teaching, and healing, he left the corporate world, where he worked as a copywriter, to devote years to deepen his practice and technique. to pursue his true calling teaching and healing. He trained in Past Life Regression Therapy, NLP, EMDR, EFT, and other healing techniques. In 2014 started his full-time practice as a Past Life Regression Therapist. He co-founded Inner Journeys in 2015 with Priyanka Bhargava, which conducts individual sessions, workshops, and retreats in various cities, including, Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bhopal, Kasauli, and Rishikesh. In 2018, he started facilitating Training Programs in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

As a meditation teacher, he has remained an empanelled therapist at a prestigious spiritual centre in Delhi. He has worked on numerous kinds of issues over the years, has thousands of clientele all over the world. Today, he is dedicated to training a new generation of healers and therapists.


PRIYANKA is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (IMDHA, USA), Past Life Regression Therapist, Akashic Records Healer, Psychic, and Channel. Certified Angel Healer, Certified Crystal Healer, Certified Ericksonian Life Coach, and Core-Somatic Integration Therapist. She has also learned NLP, EMDR, EFT, and other healing techniques. She deals with the cases of Foreign Body attachments and does Energy and Space clearance. She is faculty Angel Practitioner’s Training program at IJSS.

She holds a degree in management. Has worked with a Management institute as an Assistant professor, had her own event management company before she was driven to the spiritual Healing modalities to help people heal. She runs private healing practice and often travels to take healing sessions and workshops in various cities, including, Delhi, Mumbai, and Rishikesh.


  1. “Her Power” award by The Brand Story 2021
  2. Featured as a Guest on “Good Morning MP Show” on DD Bhopal, 2019
  3. Interviewed by Heal Your Life program on MSTV
  4. Facilitated by Inspire award 2018 for ‘Master trainer in Akashic record Reading and healing’.
  5. Most reviewed Healer by Life Positive 2017


“It was one of my biggest blessings when I started exploring the dark corners of my inner self. Though it requires a lot of courage and inner resolve to explore one’s Shadows, having a healer like Priyanka to hold your hand through it was a huge blessing. Personally speaking I wouldn’t have been able to know my authentic self had it not been Priyanka helping me through shadow work. She is naturally gifted when it comes to shadow healing.

I was surprised during the course of healing when she would quickly catch the shadows emerging, which sometimes as an explorer you would miss. The simple techniques she uses to help one heal those shadows makes the whole journey less overwhelming. Both the workshops as well as personal shadow sessions with Priyanka have helped me tremendously in understanding my inner self deeper. I feel more empowered and authentic after dealing and healing my shadows with Priyanka. However it is a journey and would need a lot of strength to keep exploring and healing one’s shadows. And I must say I am truly blessed to have Priyanka as a healer who gives the strength a client needs to face and heal one’s shadows.

I feel shadow work is a very powerful tool and opens doors to another dimension of one’s inner work. However, to walk into your dark corners, you definitely need a healer who is honest, non judgmental and trustworthy. That is a critical skill for which I would highly recommend Priyanka. Not only for her expertise in catching and healing shadows but also for the empathetic attitude she shows with her clients while dealing with shadows.
With every session with her I feel even more empowered. When I look back, I feel the change very visible in me, as I stopped judging myself and others, striving to bring out a better version of myself.”

  • Vaishali Gupta

“Imagine you go to a dumpster and pick up scraps and make something unique out of it?

Well, shadow work is something like that for the parts of yourself that you’d rejected, thrown away and deemed no longer useful. Shadow work with Inner Journeys makes one integrate those so-called ‘negative’ aspects and makes one a more mentally healthier and happier individual.

The brilliant part about shadow work is that it helps develop more self-acceptance and self-love. I have tried many psychotherapy healings, but shadow work remains one of the most impactful for me. Thank you to Mr Abhishek Joshi and Ms Priyanka Bhargava.”

  • Khushagra Singh

“Shadow workshop opened a lot of doors for me, which I didn’t know existed before. It helped me make peace with my traumatised inner child which inturn helped me say NO to lot of toxic things which earlier I couldn’t. I said no to the job that was draining me emotionally, I said no to relationships and people who were detrimental to my life.
I got a job in a place where I can challenge myself, grow and have peace of mind when I leave office. Now I’m getting married later this month. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of these without the workshop..”

  • Varun (name changed)

“The Shadow workshop by Inner Journeys is an experience in itself . It has helped me recognise patterns and behaviours that was a part me but I never acknowledged them before they were brought out through the exercises we did in this workshop. It is highly recommended that one does this workshop to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and work on self improvement for a better and blissful life experience.”

  • Gopa Bhardwaz

“Shadow Healing for me came at a time when I was going through an emotional turmoil. It came to me as divine grace
When I was going through a very tough time and was breaking apart emotionally, I was advised by Priyanka to try shadow healing. (And thankfully my intuition controlled my rational mind and I instantly agreed on taking a session). Somewhere I feel I was guided.

I must admit, shadow healing has been one of the most powerful modalities for my personal growth and transformation. At that time, I wasn’t sure how it would help me or what changes it would bring to my spiritual journey. However over a period of time, ive realised that facing, embracing and accepting my shadows has been extremely powerful in my spiritual growth. Healing my shadows has helped me build a more compassionate perception towards myself and the world. My perspective has also become wider and more accepting. I can’t thank Inner Journeys enough for all that Priyanka and Abhishek have done to help me become a better and empowered version of myself and shadow healing has been a game changer.”

  • Anonymous

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