When the Timing is right

When the Timing is right

~When the Timing is right~

Over the years I have come believe in the miraculous power of Past Life Regression Therapy, as it goes where no other healing therapy can go – yes into the past lives. A friend reminded me about it a few weeks back. Like me she also learnt many healing modalities and has been a practicing healer for years, and finally came around to doing PLRT training. After coming back she pointed out, “This is the big game!…isn’t it?”

I agree.

As I often say, healing is a privilege and takes place only when it is time. For when it is, miracles happen.

Recently I had such a case; a woman in her 50s has been suffering from lifelong pain in calf muscles. They no medical reason to be found, hence no treatment helped. Ever since her young age she has been asking family members, mother, sister and now daughter to press her calf muscles, or to keep their legs on it so some respite would come.

In a past life, she found herself in a dense forest, as baby elephant. As the herd was passing through his hind legs got trapped in a hunters clamp and was subsequently left behind, and died.

In healing we went to the scene, removed the clamp and released the pain from baby elephant’s legs, and made the baby meeting his parents who never realised what had happened to their child. After the session, the pain was reduced. Next day she messaged, The pain is gone! Even after a month, much to her delight she remains pain-free!

It’s a blessing.

I know.

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