How does Pitr Dosha or crime of our Forefathers affect our lives?

How does Pitr Dosha or crime of our Forefathers affect our lives

How does Pitr Dosha or crime of our Forefathers affect our lives?

AS YOU GO DEEPER INTO the healing arts you realise that many of the problems arise not from our past but the collective past of the family tree we have been born into – the family constellation. We inherit not just the good fortunes but also its karmas and curses. There is always a karmic resonance; we step into an ailing family tree to clear our karma and learn life lessons which are pending from the past.

Family soul group grows collectively as we have seen them suffering from similar health, work or relationship issues. An ailing Family tree is easy to spot. We just need have to look across generations to find continuing patterns of ill health, misfortunes, disputes, relationship or martial blocks, problems in conception or mishaps. Anything that seems to be coming from generations above the current one constitutes a family tree issue. This is when the souls, ancestors and guides need to be contacted and family deities invoked, to seek help.

We do not know what we cannot see. Same goes for the psychic element in Family Tree healing. Though there are many methods are used, like psycho-drama and pujas, but in our work we have seen these are not as effective as when connect the souls directly who have been harmed, sometimes five or six generations ago.

Case studies

  • A family which was once known for its vast wealth and properties, is today seeing steady decline, generation after generation. Reason? As discovered during the session : Greed, lust and self-indulgence. Men of the house got addicted to amassing wealth, extra martial affairs and prostitutes. And the pattern still continues. Women of the household led suffocating and opressed lives. Eventually one of the great-great-great grandmother left the household took sanyaas after years of suffering. She settled in pilgrimage town, where in later years of life even became a local saint. When her soul was called in to help, she said: “Men of the household should do Bhakti, while women should do Sewa.” Bhakti would help the men steer away from greed and lust. Incidentally, in a previous House clearance session, we had discovered many of the ancestors still clinging on to the walls of their heritage property – “My property!”, they said. They had to be counselled and sent to light. Women on the other hand, were given the guidance of Sewa, because as per guides, they didn’t help anyone or each other in bad times. “Kisi ke kaam nahin aaye to kahan se panpenge” – They didn’t do any good to anyone, how will they ever flourish? Merely meeting and gossiping at weddings and funerals doesn’t make for a family tree, it is about standing up for each other in crisis. Families who help each other – grow. The primordial concept, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (One world, One family), starts with our Family tree.
  • In a case, a soul was ‘harming’ the family tree for 350 years; which they called ‘Pret’. Most men in the family didn’t live past their 40s. Even visits to the famous Balaji Temple in Rajasthan didn’t give much relief. First that soul needed to be healed and his life reprogrammed, to the original trajectory. This allowed the soul to have a closure, find everlasting peace and drop the curse.
  • A family where eating Baigan ka barta (eggplant mash) was banned, whenever over generations any one had it, this lead to grace misfortune and death of a boy child. Generations ago, ancestors took us to an incident where two young baby boys of another family, were burnt alive by one of the ancestors in a tandoor, under the pretext of roast began. Hence the propetry greed lead to the gruesome curse on eggplant and sons.
  • Another family tree has all brothers and their families facing multiple road accidents, leading to leg deformities and financial issues. During the session, we found out that in a past life, the grandfather was a doctor and ran a hospital right next to a highway. Here much of the current family was also employed. They all ran a racket by over-charging and mistreating emergency patients with hasty amputations and stealing organs, which lead to a lot of miseries to accident victims. Incidentally, the family member who came for healing found that she was nurse in that hospital. Gradually, all the victim souls, over twenty in this case, were called to the healing plane. Some were even missing body parts, especially arms and legs. They wanted the entire family to experience the same misery and financial hardship that they had undergone. Next, all the victim and perpetrator souls came face to face and the healing with forgiveness. Eventually the souls were ready to forgive, drop curses and cross into the light.
  • In a wealthy business family in Lucknow, when a husband refused to take care of his ailing wife suffering from TB, a fatal disease in the 1940s saying, ‘Who will look after the business if I waste time here?”  Wife curse, “The business your family is busy with, will be gone” The wife was sent to her maternal home, where she subsequently died miserably. The husband wasted all the wealth in hunting parties (shikaar) and nautch girls. Soon the buisness and family haveli was sold off. For generations thereafter only those who did service fair well, the rest suffered.
  • In another story, a family tree where in every generation people were either suffering or dying of kidney and heart problems in their 50s. This was traced to the great grandfather, as these symptoms showed up only in the generation following him. It turned out, he had an affair before marriage, and the girl of 17 or18 years got pregnant. Though, she resigned to the fact that the marriage wasn’t possible as the two were from different religions, but still she wanted to have the child. Alas, she was given slow poison and died of organ failure, seven months pregnant. Her curse made the whole Family tree generations after generation suffering High BP, blood sugar and kidney issues. Her soul fragment was attached to the woman who came for the Family tree healing and who wasn’t able to conceive even many years after marriage. It was her husband’s soul who was the servant in that life, who bought and gave the poison to the hapless girl.
  • An owner of a vast buisness empire who was very rude and abusive towards his employees. Finally he was cursed by one of his hapless employees to lose everything, and soon he did. His relatives forged property papers and eventually he had to do service. His subsequent generations continued to suffer.

Sometimes ancestors and perpetrator souls aren’t willing to participate in the healing, they need to be counselled first. And also made aware of their crimes so that they can ask for forgiveness. Some souls aren’t willing to admit to their dark side or their past crimes. Some even try to make it appear small. This makes the presence of an alert therapist-psychic an asset. As first the victim soul needs to be healed, only then forgiveness can happen, that too when they are ready to forgive and move on. No force or coercion can be used. Only compassionate listening and an empathetic response can help these souls. Often souls heal just by hearing the confession of their perpetrators, repentance and apologies.

Finally, the woman was healed and she dropped all her curses. In a surprising move, she apologised to the woman who wasn’t able to conceive, “I didn’t want to harm you directly, but I knew only you in this family had enough light to take the initiative of healing one day…” Interestingly no one else in the family believes much in alternative healing.

Thereafter, the family tree was given another round of healing, but the guides said, they will have to clear whatever karma they are individually carrying, yet future generations are free from the family tree curse. If the family learns the lesson of compassion, and drops greed they would grow as a group or fall deeper into darkness.

Often the very person, who had cursed a family tree, comes back to back to the same family, many generations later to free them of the curse. A curse after all is a karmic choice no matter what the provocation and hence has consequences. It is amazing to see how souls journey across lifetimes to learn their lessons and experience the karmic consequences.

What causes the decline of a family tree?

Common causes for Family tree blocks and sufferings includes greed, murders, property usurping, self-indulgence, misuse of power, money and name, and finally the key factor – a family is defined by how they treat their women. Whenever a family despite being given many blessings, doesn’t do good karma – doesnt use its power, wealth, and fame to do good for others, it doesn’t attract good, worthy souls, thus subsequent generation see rapid decline. Cursed family trees attract souls who have clear that particular karma. For example, a soul having infertility karma (possibily killed or harmed children in past lives) will enter a tree which has been cursed to end – Vansha Samapti. Similarly a person who has caused mental torture or suffering to others in past lives, will enter a tree with a pattern of mental illnesses. There is always a karmic matching.

Whenever we do Family Tree or Pitr Dosha healing, an astonishing common theme has emerged – Families where women of the household are not respected, cared for and honoured, such families slowly decline in Fortune, Wisdom and over all Well being. Under patriarchy, women are mistreated, abused or denied rights. Often even their names are written off from the family tree. Leading to financial difficulties across generations, as women are the repository of family abundance, that is why she has been traditionally called ‘Griha-lakshmi’. Sometimes when a special child or a girl child is killed; it adds to the bad karma of the Family tree which then travels across generations, leading to miscarriages and conception problems.

Eventually such trees end. Nature has a way of weeding out such trees. It knows how to tend to it’s garden. Be it dynasties or aristocratic lineages, all have ended, faded due this single factor. This fortnight let’s examine this in our families and lives. Do we deserve to flourish? In short, be aware, no gets away with anything, not even you. If not for yourself, stay humble for your future generations and lifetimes.

It is always fascinating for me and Priyanka as facilitators to see healing unfold, family secrets spilling out. It is especially poignant to watch souls find closure and gain peace after generations of wait, for their pain and suffering to be acknowledge and healed. It gives us immense satisfaction as healers, to help clear the roots of the Family tree and watch it regain it’s original splendour. To become healthy and prosperous once again.


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