Last Wish

Last Wish

~Last wish~

What would you miss most in life, as you would end this life?

As I visit my hometown, post passing away of loved one from my childhood, I can’t help but contemplate. What do we experience in our dying moments, when we die alone, gasping for our last breath?

May be kindness, compassion or care and company of loved ones. Perhaps regrets, grudges, misgivings of the past and unresolved hurts.

What if you realise, you could have been kinder, more caring when you had an opportunity? Do that now, today. Let’s take kindness for example.

Do you want your nose rubbed against all your weaknesses? As you have done with others? When ever you come across someones weakness. Be kind. Who knows when you would need kindness for yours. Instead of reminding others of their weaknesses and suggesting numerous remedies, try compassion first. Feel their suffering, they are doing the best they can, then proceed.

Would you too like yourself be reminded repeatedly or chided and scoffed for your weakness, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual weakness? There are plenty better than us, in so many ways, if we play the game of hierarchy and comparison.

Next time you laugh at someone or judge, pause, think again and wonder would you like experience the same in another circumstance or lifetime? Because it would, as what goes around comes around. As when it’s time for us to reap the harvest of our past karma, we decry the divine, we assume we don’t deserve this, we have been good all our life, but we seldom know our past, past lives. That’s why past life regression can be such a eye opener. It frees us from our victimhood and victims rage and anguish. We can resolve to grow then on. But then, why not live the present life with eyes open?

Next time when you come across your own weakness try calmness, composure and compassion for change, you too are doing the best you can. Start there. Meeting yourselves where you are, will teach how to meet the world where it is, that includes its people. In that state of acceptance, watch solutions, answers and insights emerge. Be kind first.

We treat others how we treat others intrinsically. If you miss or spot unkindness, lack of compassion, understanding or care, leading to unwise choices, better to add that to the world around and within. For that is the only way we can bring about any lasting and effective change the world and our life.

Make a wish today and make it come true, day by day, you have time.

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