Not All Trees Are Similar

Not all trees are similar

~Not all trees are similar~

Yes, not all trees are the same. Like different trees growing on the same soil can be poisonous, thorny or pleasing. We need to learn to respond appropriately to each tree. That’s discretion not discrimination.

Every tree behaves as per its nature. No need to expect otherwise and get disappointed. We even might get hurt repeatedly by hugging the wrong tree. No fault of the tree.

Such is the case with souls as well.

They too are of varied kind, depending of how connected they are to the source. Just like us, on some days we feel connected and disconnected on others. We too are capable of dark or disconnected thoughts.

We don’t become saints or have an audience with God, just because we grow old, weak and miserable or are dead for that matter and have crossed into the other side. That’s a function of our karma and indeed grace. So, no matter where we are growth is an imperative. No one is exempted, and no wonder, we keep coming back here to grow upwards towards the light.

Idea is to keep growing towards the light. Irrespective of what’s happening around us. To retain our light and let it show up in our choices, every day. And how do we do that? Connect with inner wisdom or inner knowing and apply it to this moment. And then to then next. Simple.

Wisdom is what keeps us afloat in the murky waters of kalyuga. So apply what you’ve got, if it makes you lighter. great. If it doesn’t, find someone who is lighter, be it within or without.

Meditation is an excellent tool to make the mind clear enough to become a vessel and channel for divine wisdom and presence. It is a means to an end, not the end itself. Here too you need an able guide.

We all need a guide, inner or outer, to take us thru the path. Otherwise on our own, all meditator would have become enlightened. Even Buddha had inner guide. Seek yours. It’s here. No one is without a guide or inner compass. Find yours and just keep swimming into the mighty Ocean. Then surrender, let it take you where it wants to. No point sitting on the ocean front and reading books about swimming, jump! Fly if you want to, or crawl if you cannot walk. But move, make this day of you life worth it.

Seek the light, seek yourself. You were born to do so.

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