Such is life. It passes by, in a blink!

Such is life. It passes by, in a blink!

Ups and downs are a part of the journey called life. Here today, gone tomorrow. In time, we learn to slow down, enjoy each moment of it. Some of us learn to feel it fully with gratitude, so that we have enough memories to cherish in old age. When we wish, we had more time with our loved ones.

People we are close to today, might not be there tomorrow. Or be far away. It’s so fleeting, if we come to think of it. Before we know time has flown past us. There’s no turning back, is there? So do spend time with your loved ones, today. Do what you love, today.

We always think, we have time. We will do it later. Another thing we keep postponing is Sewa. Or Service. To be hands of God in the world. To share our blessings or simply put, to pay it back to life!

Do Sewa in good times. On good days. So that when bad times come, you have enough good karma and blessings to help you heal, to find help, solutions or guidance. Without it nothing is possible.

It is disheartening to see sometimes during healing, we find a bright young life, not having good karma to fulfil the dreams, long cherished by them or their family. Or to heal. Without adequate karma, all the motivation in the world cannot take us beyond the limitations placed by destiny. That’s why, we can fix everything in life, heal all wounds or out manoeuvre. Some things remain crooked or broken as that is where the light gets in. Catch it if you can.

Anyone who hurt us, abandoned us, betrayed us or even those couldn’t help us, did so as per the life script we chose, and their own limitations and shortcomings. Our life script is based on our past life karmas and pending life lessons. So best to forgive and let go! That’s the only way, we get move on. No chances of retribution are given, if the karma started with us. In this life or many, many lifetimes ago. God balances his books perfectly. Don’t worry, neither we got away with anything, neither will anyone else. The karma comes back to us as boomerang every time, may be many, many lifetimes later. When we have long forgotten the suffering we have caused another.

For example, a powerful man who once in his powerful lifetimes broke bones of many people, now suffers random bone fractures at key moments of his life, missing important opportunities. But gradually, this gave him his life purpose – to have compassion for people with physical injuries. Today, he has not only helped himself recover from various injuries, but also specialises in strength training for such people. This in turn, reminds him to use his powerful body wisely this time – not for showing off, or disempower others, but to put it in service, to help, to heal. That is how a soul grow in humility, wisdom and light!

Hope this helps you understand that within the limitations of the script we have chosen, there is so much more we can become. Kinder, gentler, wiser, stronger, more giving and perhaps more loving and caring for ourselves and the world around us. The rest of it, my friend is a facade. A passing parade. Don’t get carried away. The real journey is within.

  • Abhishek

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