Learning to Co-exist

Learning to Co-exist

~Learning to Co-exist~

Can a Lion co-exist with an Elephant?

This was the question a workshop participant, Alok (name changed) came to me with.

His business was in partnership with his brother-in-law, Rakesh (name changed), also a strong personality leading to constant power struggles and conflicts. This brought him to Regression workshop to find answers.

In a lifetime he saw himself as lion living in a forest, where an elephant also did, leading to constant power struggle for habitat.

In the subsequent sessions during the workshop, the theme continued in another lifetime, where he was tribesman, while Rakesh was the chief of the tribe.

Not satisfied with the power dynamics, he had to challenge the chief again. So one day he entered his home and climbs the balcony to chief daughter’s room, and tries to elope with her, despite being married himself. However, he was caught, and fought bravely with guards. But when the safety of his wife and children also there in present life was threatened, he surrendered and was beaten to death.

A two-day workshop or retreat gives a perfect opportunity to work on a theme progressively. So the solution came in the subsequent session with the help of spirit guides, he was once again shown a forest, where now he was taken to a lake, where the lions drank water from one banks of the lake, while elephants from the other, respecting each other’s space.

Thus he learned the possibility of a harmonious co-existence, through respect and power sharing, the continuing learning curve for his soul.

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