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In our years of practice as psychics and spiritual healers, we have come to this realisation that our lives are nothing but the sum total of our KARMAS. Someone has rightly said, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” These simple 6 words define the crux of our lives magically.

We have done over 10,000 psychic Akashic Records Healings sessions at INNER JOURNEYS in the last few years and they all have helped us understand the theory of karma and the mystery behind reincarnation better. Souls take rebirth for many reasons but most importantly, to clear the karmic baggage of past lives and to create good karmas to progress and move forward in their ‘Soul’s Journey’.

I won’t go describing what Akashic record healing is and how is it done and how will it benefit you, for that you can visit our website: Remote Akashic Records Healing (Karmic Healing) – Inner Journeys and read.

My purpose of writing today is to share some interesting stories from our client diaries, about healing sessions and miraculous healings and life transformations that followed post Akashic record healing.

My personal favourites are the sessions that I do for couples who are unable to conceive. Some of them had really interesting past lives stories.

One, I remember was of a couple who were unable to conceive and had no medical condition that suggested infertility. What came up in Akashic were the lifetimes of female infanticides and curses of unborn souls which were blocking them from having kids in this lifetime. Once the lifetimes were healed and they did charity for 2-3 months at an orphanage they could conceive. They have an 8 months old baby now.

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Another one was of a woman who had gone through several medical treatments and 2 rounds of IVF but could not conceive. In Akashic healing came up lifetimes where she did not treat her stepchildren well and gave no love to me. The children who gave her their mother’s place felt sad and unloved and thus cursed her for not having children of her own till she learns to love and be a mother to the kids who are not born to her.

Guides said “It’s natural to love your own kids but to be a mother to a child who is not born to you is unconditional love. Learn that and then u will have your own children.”

She got the lesson she had to learn in this lifetime and the couple adopted a baby girl a year ago. A few days back I was talking to her and she said: “ Mehak (name changed) is not born to me but I feel I was her mother in many lifetimes and she completes me.”

When we see family pictures of these and many more of such clients who came to us for the same issue, we feel as if a new member is added to our IJ family and honestly it overwhelms us.

Every session is important to us and every healing session helps us learn so much more but when we get a call from a parent whose child is facing challenges mentally or physically like ADHA, Autism, Autoimmune disorders or chronic ailments like cancer or genetic disorders then we can’t help but go out of our way as healers to heal the child and pray that we can do more to make it easy for the kid and the family.

Sometimes answer to our prayers is a yes and sometimes it’s a no. But our lesson as a healer continues to be the same “No one heals before the time and beyond the karma.
Interestingly, when a client comes with their child facing a health issue then it’s not just the child’s karma but also the karma of the parents. As when the child suffers his/ her parents and the family suffers too.

Years ago, I did an Akashic Healing for a child who had some physical disability and his backbone (spine) was not strong enough to support his posture to sit or to walk.

Past life stories and karmas that got revealed during the session still astonish me…
The couple were past life lovers who killed the girl’s husband by pushing him down the cliff and he died of spinal and head injuries. Before dying he cursed the wife and her boyfriend that “I will see you both suffer.”

This lifetime husband came as their son. To see the couple suffer, and with spine and brain function issues which caused his death in a past life.

As healers, we can’t alter the script but yes after healing his parents got the answers to their questions, and he got a better line of treatment.

We have often seen that people come to us for Spiritual or Karmic healing when all doors are closed and it’s the last resort for them, they expect, hope and pray for a miracle to happen and if they are ready for healing, they do witness one and their life changes forever.

“Faith is a Journey. “

Certain things can’t be explained, one has to experience them for ourselves… Akashic healing is one such thing. For us, the miracle is, that those who are ready for healing, somehow come with a ready belief, even from far away countries. “I know you can help me”, “Though I don’t fully understand how this works, I know this will help me..” The rest, keep squandering in doubts, even though they might be very close to us. Till they are ready! Some have even taken 4-5 years, some could never make it. As healers that is the most heartbreaking part for us. That’s why, now we never bother convincing anyone of anything, nor make any claims, we simply explain. We know, conversion is God’s domain, not ours. After all, we only facilitate, it is God who heals.

Love & Light

Abhishek & Priyanka

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