Can Financial and Career Blocks originate in Past Lives?


~Can Financial and Career Blocks originate in Past Lives?~

I am doing all the hard work but not getting the desired results.
I have tried my hand on many projects but nothing works.
None of my projects reach fruition.
All my money is stuck.
Despite good performance I’m unable to achieve career growth.
People borrow money from me and never return it.
I am unable to recover my payments from my clients.
I have property but can’t get a buyer.
I am unable to get a job.
I am unable to retain loyal employees

List of issues is endless that people face in their work area. They keep on suffering because of their individual karmas or due to the family tree that they are born into. Thought we believe that an individual takes birth in a particular family tree to clear similar karmas this is called Karmic matching or resonance.
This is where Past Life Regression Therapy has proved to be an important healing tool.

Geeta could never bring her prospective clients to sign on the deal, despite promising early prospects. It had happened for too long for her to look beyond the normal and thus she came looking for answers in PLR. She saw herself as a poor cobbler in Jodhpur, who couldn’t make ends meet. Day after day he come back home empty hand. One day his young son too died because he couldn’t afford medical treatment. Thus he was left with bitterness and envious rage against rich people. This made him curse rich people passing by each day. In the end, he died in abject poverty, filled bitterness and frustration; this had to be dropped, along with poverty consciousness experienced in that lifetime. Next he asked forgiveness from all the people he had cursed. As he asked for forgiveness his abundance gradually got restored. After the session within a few weeks, work picked up signifying that Karmic clearance had successfully happened, restoring natural abundance the soul has repository or prarabdha karma for.

Another interesting case was of a top corporate honcho, who suddenly experienced a downturn from which he couldn’t revive his career, experiencing a ruining of his career for months, he could only manage to find a job in other part of country far away from family. He saw himself brutally ruining a village as an army commander, which left village women pleading him for help and mercy. His career downturn happened exactly at same age he destroyed the village. After healing and restoring the village to its prior abundance, he asked forgiveness from the villagers, gradually they forgave and left. In the coming weeks as he was guided by spirit guides he dedicatedly performed sewa by volunteering at an orphanage, and soon came the good news that he got a transfer closer home, and few weeks later a new job.

Sometimes career blocks can also be caused by financial fraud, cheating, stealing and embezzlement in past life. Or as in yet another a great grandmother feared that if men got successful they will not pay attention to their wives as she suffered in her lifetime, wished for the same.

Family curses or Pitra-doshas as they are called also cause financial blocks. Snakes are powerful creatures; they live in two worlds, ground and underground. Thus they protect individual and family abundance. Sometimes when the soul or an ancestor has killed a snake in a past life this results in an energy block termed as kal-sarp dosha. Here again healing and forgiveness paves way for greater abundance and financial freedom.

These are a handful of examples of how despite talent and best efforts, success eludes people. Past life karmas and patterns play a major role in blocking the financial freedom of a person.

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