Look Within

Look Within

दोस पराए देखि करि, चला हसन्त हसन्तl
अपने याद न आवई, जिनका आदि न अंतll

“Man laughs looking at flaws of others. While at the time he forgets, there is no end to his flaws. ”

Over 500 years ago mystic poet, Kabir living in Banaras postulated this dictate for anyone who tries to grow spiritually or heal for that matter. It is a warning that how often and easily we get swayed and trapped by the voice of our ego. Ego thrives on comparison and judgment. Places ourselves in a hiearchial scale, where we want to be ahead of as many as possible. Using any parameter. This problem occurs because we build our self-esteem on comparison and not on self awareness. We are taught to compare by our parents, who would often compare us with our siblings, friends and relatives. They themselves learnt in their childhood. Thus as a grown up we continue this rivalry and easily judge, criticize and compare, forgetting the inherent uniqueness of every soul.

Imagine driving your car in traffic, you might feel a few are better off than yours, while others are cheaper brands. Thus we keep playing this game constantly, choosing to remain in rat race if some kind. Even in spiritual path, we want to come across more evolve, saintly or pious than immediate family, and at least those who trouble us or challenge us. Not realising inside every car is a human being and inside every human being is soul. And all souls come from the same source, are similar, carry the same light of the divine.

Often we easily criticize those around us, those we encounter every day or regularly, thinking at least I’m not that bad. We love to look down on people and laugh or mock them. Forgetting we can be equally worthy of being mocked and criticized for our undiscovered or unexamined flaws. Unaware we pride ourselves as being a social, cultural, style, or even spiritual critiques.

This continues most of our spiritual journey, when we confuse spirituality as about being nice, at least superficially or socially. In words or Facebook. And not about being authentic or transparent. We don’t bother how we behave with our family and loved ones. Or people who work under us, and can see thru our farce. In short, we refuse to see our shadow or dark side, and often project it on to others.

The problem begins when we step into the deep waters of our soul and start inner work. Either via Shadow work, or honest introspection. We love to see ourselves only victims but rarely do we explore and our perpetrator side. Where we harm or mistreat others. Even in Past Life Regression, the beginners first see their victim lifetimes, after a few years they are ready to go deeper and face their dark lifetimes. That’s is time we access our terrible secrets. Our lifetimes as criminals, frauds, tyrants, murders, rapists, deranged killers or worse still tantrics…and cannibals. As many have seen. For complete healing we need to access our entire history as a soul, as that is where curses upon us arise. Curses are indelible karmic blocks which effect our health, career, relationship and happiness. Many people after suffering for years, get an insight, perhaps there is a curse on me. Years later they think using the healing tool of Past life Regression and forgiveness to get those curses released. It happens when they are karmically ready to heal and grow. I never try to convince anyone about this. Belief I know is their journey as a soul.

So finally when the person and also the soul is ready, yes often the soul also hides it’s dark past, they come to access dark lifetimes. When that happens, many find it hard to forgive and accept their dark side. Remorse and guilt envelopes. The judgemental and critical side side we nurtured with pride over years, suddenly backfires on us. Our scathing self judgment ruins us. We are unable to accept or integrate our dark side within. And what we deny or resist, persists and never heals. Even after lifetimes. That is the most astounding fact. Even in fables and mythology to find the sacred treasure or the Beloved we have to first cross the dark forest and difficult terrain. Many perils and test lie before us. Before we find God. Thus, before get to encounter the everlasting light within, we have go beyond our inner darkness as well.

Are you ready? Unfortunately, over the years, I have seen many a spiritual journeys halting at doorstep of this darkness. This precarious precipice of personal shadow land. At drawbridge to soul’s interior castle. So they wait, in denial or fear or judgment. As does God. Though God’s time is eternity.

So be careful when you judge others today. Some day your judgemental side will become your greatest enemy. Develop your traits of kindness, forgivness,and generosity of spirit rather than being righteous and harsh. They will come handy one day.

Above all remember to look within. Always. And remember as poet Rumi once adviced.. “Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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