Revenge feels good, but it doesn’t end the story

Revenge feels good, but it doesn’t end the story

~Revenge feels good, but it doesn’t end the story~

Jyoti*, a young career woman in her 30s always had anger against men. Though part of it was coming from a childhood sexual abuse experience, which we had healed in a previous session. Now she wanted to explore the pattern which had found to be repeating in her failed past relationships. All of them have made her reach same conclusion repeatedly, men are not worthy, untrustworthy and they can back out any moment. Even her present boyfriend wasn’t willing to take the relationship forward, neither letting her. Thus making her wait, and causing anxiety.

In a past life she saw herself as Suchitra, daughter of an aggressive king (her present father), who used to punish his people brutally and killed them. Unfortunately one of the people who escaped (present life alcoholic boyfriend) took revenge by managing to marry her. After marriage he raped her and used beat her, eventually ran away after one year. Her second marriage (present boyfriend) wasn’t successful either as her husband left her after nine years, along with their son. She realised he wasn’t strong enough, and took over the reins of the kingdom. The year was 1736 in the Saurashtra region. However her rein was cut short as at age 35, she was stabbed in the heart with a knife by a man (present first boyfriend), who was jealous of her success.

As her soul was leaving the body, she had numerous thoughts, aloneness, men are not trust worthy, men are not good enough, and I don’t need them. We had found the origin of present life belief system, which needed to be dropped back there. But then, what she said was dramatic, “I will take revenge from three of them”.

So we set out exploring…and it turned out that she did have her revenge. In a lifetime, she poisoned the soul who was her first husband. In yet another lifetime, the husband who had left her, she too left her after a year into the relationship. Still she regretted that she should have stayed longer and then left, so that he would have suffered more.

As for the third man who had stabbed her death, she shot him in the head in another lifetime.

She had taken her revenge, but it also started an unending drama, so she met all of them again in this lifetime, leaving her to same conclusions. This had to be brought to an end; so all the bodies of all souls were healed. She asked for forgiveness from them, also forgave them for everything, which the intention of clearing all karmic cords. So that she can start afresh. Her heart chakra was cleared and opened to men. As she was asked to connect with image of positive and capable men, she could only think of Lord Shiva, so it was used to build positive imagery of men. Plus she was advised to work with children in orphanages so her heart would be healed. Her father’s soul was also healed, and having told the consequences of his cruelty he dropped it and picked compassion as a virtue instead.

Next with her guide, she received detailed guidance about which branch to study and where, her career path.

Finally we did a Future Progression; she was taken to future, where she saw herself living in California, with her current boyfriend, with whom she had just healed her relationship. The year was 2019. In the end, she left excited by her future, all set to preparing for Harvard.

*named changed


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