Healing Past life karmas and Curses though PLR

Healing Past life karmas and Curses though PLR

~Healing Past life karmas and Curses though PLR~

Vanita* is a troubled young woman, though confient and professionally doing well, she hasn’t been able to overcome her childhood, where her father was possessed repeatedly, and later he became victim to a black magic done by a close relative.

Thereafter he displayed erratic and violent behaviour throughout her childhood, slowly it ruined family life and fortunes. Finally, with the help of a healer, he was healed a bit. By the time, it had left a deep impact of the children. After a failed relationship, she closed herself to love, plus feelings of being alienation, loneliness and being unloved.

She had deep desire to find what karma caused her family experience such a trauma collectively. Before attempting the usual Inner child healing we explored her past.

She saw a lifetime as a young girl living in a castle like home, somewhere in England. She witnessed at the elaborate dinner party, where her father, (whom she recognised as current life father) having a fight with a man, who was having an affair with her mother (same mother). After the fight, everybody left but her parents kept on fighting. He mother was very unhappy in the marriage and wanted to leave. Finally she did, leaving behind her only child at age six. Feeling her rejection, she stated crying in the session.

Father never recovered from the trauma, slowly became a drunkard and lost all his money. As she grew up he even became suspicious her believing she might behvaing an affair like her mother. Eventually fed up, she moved to London, where she starts working in the corporate world, but still unable to find love.She never returned home.

Mother on the other hand, didn’t found happiness with other man either, and lead a single life working with NGOs. They never meet.

Eventually, the girl marries a guy (present close friend) as a compromise, who cares for her a lot, even tries to please her a lot. But she cannot feel the love, having blocked love due to parental rejection at age six. Subsequently, he has a son (couldn’t recognise). But a few years later one day, when she was reading a book in the garden and the son was playing nearby, he strayed on to the road, where a passing car driven by a man (present estranged Uncle) accidently hits him and he dies instantly. At the moment, people call her irresponsible mother, even her mother who meets her after all these years, calls her irresponsible. She breakdown, and could never recover from the shock. Soon she also leaves home thinking, Why should I give anyone happiness? I will not give love to others. When I never got it..

Time passes, she starts living alone and one day she too is hit by a car. She lay alone on the road for some time, though eventually the ambulance comes, she dies on way to hospital. She lay dying, she tells the people around her; “Tell my family I loved them. But I don’t deserve to be happy. I will never get love..” The year of her bitter and traumatic death was 1987, she born in present life in 1992.

After death, all her unhealthy self-beliefs, which she was still carrying in this life had to be dropped.. She still can’t trust her mother’s care. Plus her father is still suspicious of her, though he loves her a lot on his good days.

She was unable to forgive her mother.. After death, her soul reached heaven and met Angels, who healed her. And helped her make peace with her mother. Angels sent her back to find a man who had cursed her. The man (present life ex-boyfriend), betrayed her but when she married someone else, in his bitterness, he cursed, “You will never be happy in your marriage”. After healing, forgiveness and counselling the cursed was dropped. Once back, Angels send to have closure with her father. She never reconnected with him, he died alone in a small hut all by himself. She healed her body with the help of Angels, and decides to live with him, her mother now healed, decides to join in. And the three started living together in the small hut, creating the alternate reality, which healed their relationship. Back in heaven, Angels finally it is ok now, and all the souls were joining hands and happy together. Angels promised them another lifetime together (the current one), and father said, I will give all the love. Angels said, though difficult lifetime, it would eventually get better, and we would give you siblings to give you company (unlike the previous one where she was only child). They were her college friends in that life.

At this point, we thought of exploring, why the father had possession, right after engagement with her mother. And never fully recovered. Angels said her father was a doctor in a lifetime, who had killed many patients. They had cursed him to suffered many illnesses one consecutively, though he will die at his destined age. That is why, he had suffer lots of possessions and also black magic. One patient, who he had suffocated to death, consequently her father has suffocation problems in this life. So we healed the patient, and her father’s soul asked for forgiveness. Eventually patient and his parents forgave, and removed the curse.

The mother on the other hand, the Angels told and showed, belonged to a witch family who used to kill young children, even despite parents pleading not to. In that life, Vanita was a silent witness or an assistant, so a co-culprit. Now both of them went to ask for forgiveness from all the souls. Angry, the souls started throwing stone, Angels were called in to help, and when all the children were healed that’s when they eventually forgave. They had cursed the mother to see her children suffer. After persistent forgiveness and aid from Angels the souls agreed to drop the curse.

Angels showed her a black ladder which was tricky to climb, marking all the troubles. If they continue to move towards the light, they will reach heaven. She was advised to serve children, she and her mother have already been doing though sporadically, through their devotion to Sai Baba.

Now one question was left, why did her aunt doing Black magic since childhood and create troubles, and financial misfortunes and also blocking their work. Other the years, the family has been losing wealth. The Angels showed in the lifetime, where Vanita was a rich man, and her Aunt was poor woman by the road, one day he laughed at her misery. As we healed the lifetime, instead of laughing the rich man chose to stop the car, took the woman home, gave her food to eat, and later clothes and money. Now happy the woman and her mother blessed her, forgave and dropped their animosity.

Finally, Angels said we are happy, its done, you can go back now. Right now you are not following your life purpose, we will show it to in the coming time. She opened a big wooden door in the clouds, and after stepping out, peeked back once again, and found the angels smiling back at her.

As I have seen in many cases, black magic and possessions can be result of past karma. Even though we may not remember, and feel innocent, our soul does.

* name changed

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