Divine Mother is Angry

Divine Mother is Angry

~Divine Mother is Angry~

At the end of the Mahabharata war, the victorious Pandavas were bickering who was the bravest one amongst them. To solve the conundrum, Krishna sent them to Barbarika, who knew the answer. As due to a boon, he had witnessed the entire war from atop a mountain, where his head had been placed.

Barbarika told them, “I only saw two things, one Krishna’s Sudarshan chakra killing all the dark forces, and second Goddess Kali, the fierce form of Divine Mother, drinking all the their blood.”

Effectively removing all negativity from the face of earth.

Such are the dynamics behind the calamities and events of mass destruction, we seldom understand. Thus, a 17-day war turned out to be a period of mass cleansing of humanity. Though millions perished, and a new era of righteousness could commence.

We all know another period of cleanse is around the corner, many believe it has already begun. For many decades now new-age circles have been buzzing with this information. We are in a perilous phase.

Another affirmation came recently in a revelatory regression session. When Ascended masters spoke through a subject. Towards the end of her session Sonal was undergoing a normal future regression, where she her future home, with a healing center she always wanted and room where bhajans or devotional singing was happening. She found out the year to be 2018.

Suddenly, her consciousness jumped to the year 3030. Though she was shocked, she continued. With great sense of wonder, she started describing what she was seeing. The earth was filled with golden light, the much talked about global transition has happened, everybody is happy. There was abundance everywhere, no lack. Trees were laden with fruits all golden apples and pears. All gold. She moved into higher and higher elation and tears of joy were falling copiously. Next messages from the masters started flowing through:

Humanity is in crucial phase, what this generation does is going to decide our collective future to reach this higher state. Materialism, greed and dark behaviours have had their run unbridled. This has to end or we will…

Each one of us has to play an important role in saving the humanity from definite destruction. We all have to work not just on ourselves, but also help others find their light. Right now.

“Mother Earth is sad”, she said next, “very sad and hurt”, saying this she started weeping. Tears of pain rolled down, endlessly. We send healing to mother earth. Just then she saw Goddess Kali rise from earth, with tongue out and sitting on a lion, she declared now I will destroy all the darkness, people will die, mass destruction, earthquakes, tsunamis will happen now by 2025.

We have to be vigilant all will perished but I will not kill lightworkers, people spreading light. Saying this Goddess Kali vanished, and after a while Sonal opened her eyes, with as much amazement as I had. We were both quiet for a moment, realising what had just happened.

The message has been delivered, now each one of us has to take it forward. A period of heavy karmic clearance both collective and individual is upon us. Those who have till now ignored their inner voice, and steadily moved towards darkness will experience suddenly downfall.

Light always wins in the ends. Or it is not the end.


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