Healing for the Dying

Healing For The Dying

Healing for the Dying.

It seems like a conundrum, a paradox that one would even think of offering any healing to the dying. What’s use, one would wonder. Unless we are frantically trying to save our loved ones at last stage when all else has failed, like the proverbial Mahamrityunjaya Japa, we seldom look towards healing.

Over the years, at Inner Journeys that is exactly what we have come to do as a part of our private healing practice. Many people reached out to us, when they find themselves helpless, seeing their loved ones suffer endlessly at hand of modern medicine, which too fails at certain stage. Or when the doctors and family ignore a person’s intuition that it is time to leave the ailing and broken body behind. In these moments people either take to prayer or turn to healers.

This often shows up at our doors, at the last stage of an ailment say stage IV cancer, asking, “What can we do to help them?”

A lot.

But we want to be sure what the soul desires at that moment. And what do spiritguides suggest. Irrespective of what the family wants. Because when either the family is unable to let go or the person, it only prolongs the suffering. As medically it means one more round of chemo, or higher dosage. Or God forbid the ventilator! Many people lose faith in God, just because their prayers were not answered. But then, we forget no one can heal beyond their karma. Not even Gods, when they take human incarnations. Suffering is part of everyone’s journey. As they say, death needs an excuse. So, when it is time, it is time. That’s why, our best prayers should be, “May thy will be done” or “Please do what is best for the soul.” These might be difficult prayers of our lives, but yes, tough choices make us stronger.

Through Akashic Records Healing, we first get to know to whether soul has a script of survival or has already chosen exit. We tell the family to do not run around seeking new treatments and doctors, instead accept the impending finality.

For one we can bring family together, so the person can have closure. Express the hurts, and unsaid words love, kindness and gratitude. Often this brings people at peace. In olden days, a visit from the elders helped the dying accept their upcoming exit, gracefully. Shrimad Bhagwat Katha or Akhand Paath was organized for the bed ridden. These days most people die in frantic conditions in ICU. When you know its time, it is best to bring in family to surround the person ready for departure. In embrace of love and prayer, goodbye become easier.

Sometimes when a personal has been bed-ridden for months, may be years, and suffering gravely people ask us to do healing, so that their suffering reduces and they are able to make an exit.

For this, first Akashic Records Healing is required. Our every suffering has origin in our past karma, most in past lives. Most souls choose suffering towards the end of their lifetime, to clear their karmic baggage and learn some tough lesson, namely humility and compassion. If you ask most people, they are not really afraid of dying. Rather they are of how they will die. To be precise, will they be bedridden? At the mercy of others for daily chores. That shudders a lot of people. Many people prefer sudden death. But then life has other plans.

Then, we heal the origin lifetimes of the current suffering. This means lifetimes where we have harmed people, and have incurred sometimes curses or karmic baggage. So even though the body dies, the soul will not carry these suffering to future lifetimes. Perhaps there are curses need to be healed, and karma to be lightened. To make future lifetimes easy, let alone the exit easy.

Though the intention is just to ease the suffering, sometimes people get better. Like a friend, who father was suffering late stage oesophagus cancer understood that this suffering is because he was unable to ‘swallow’ the fact that his siblings that he brought up from childhood and set up their businesses, would leave him the moment they had their life sorted. Filled with rage, he made life of his family members tough. During Akashic Records Healing, it was revealed that these siblings were actually his business partners in the past life, whose money he had usurped. So, in this life, had to take birth to pay back. Knowing this he eased a bit, his suffering reduced. He was alive for the next two years leading a fairly healthy life, as his daughter later shared. Only final two weeks he was ill. He died peacefully, not writhing in suffering and anger. It is such a blessing to know timely intervention can ease, and bring solace, whatever is possible karmically.

Upon healing two things happen, the soul gets to decide either to recover and spend some more time with family. Or can choose an exit.

And in some cases, the timely healing facilitated beautiful and poignant experiences. Death is always a beautiful experience of the soul transitioning into the light. Leaving behind the suffering and pain of the body. For one lady, who was bed ridden for long, with no hope for recovery, we received a strange guidance, “Donate a cow.” We simply passed the guidance, though it baffled us. So, the next day family, which had faith in us, duly brought a cow and found a good family who would take good care of it, and through the hands of the old lady got it donated. Much to our surprise, she passed away the following day. What baffled us even more, when we tried to find what really worked. Tuning in the moment of Donation of cow, Gau Daan, we found that the soul of the cow blessed the soul of the old woman, as she foresaw a good life ahead. This blessings in turn freed the old lady of remaining Karmic bondage.

Further recently, another comatose lady was stuck, because she had to feed 15 children to free us of a karma cause by let off that many children go hungry in another lifetime. When the soul told her the information, we simply asked the son to whisper in the ears of his mother, the promise that he will feed the aforesaid children. She passed peaceful few hours later, early morning.
One sweet old lady, was suffering in hospital for long, leaving both family members and doctors helpless. Her soul simply said, “I want to die at my home.” So, later when the family agreed to bring her back home, she left the body within two hours. One young girl on ventilator wanted to die, but doctors had put her body on ventilator and her soul was watching helplessly. As she wanted to leave. When the family agreed, the died within two hours, her soul free and thankful.

Sometimes, we even got the guidance to prepone our schedule healing session, and much later we found that only a few hours later, the soul did make the exit. Which made relieved that the soul would move on to the next time lifetime, with lesser karmic baggage.
Each new person, and family that comes to us looking for hope and solutions is unique, as it requires unique healing approach. As we cannot offer an old solution to this soul in front of us. We truly never know guidance will come for them for our guides. So, we wait in silence and prayer before we begin. And that is most challenging and also the most rewarding. We know it is a sacred opportunity to lighten someone’s burden and suffering, the final moments of their journey on this planet. That makes it an opportunity to grow and learn something new. Not just about healing techniques but also the human condition at large. Our common ground, death and suffering. We are all in it together. Helping each other the best way we can. We are happy and yes blessed to have found, healing as a way of spreading the light.

ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु
मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
As this ancient Vedic prayer reminds us, “May all beings be free of suffering…” That is our prayer, and our mission.

Abhishek JoshiPriyanka Bhargava

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