Differentiating Between Detachment And Indifference


~Differentiating between Detachment and Indifference~

Recently someone brought up a question..

“When you love someone or something concern for the person is natural so isn’t that attachment? Then how does one practice detachment while keeping the heart open?”

Detachment is not closing of the heart, hence it shouldn’t come across as unloving or indifferent.

When we first practice detachment chances are we might become indifferent and cold and confuse it for detachment.

Don’t leave your dharna, your nature that is to be love. Be aware of your heart, is it open, are your interactions loving? Besides being firm or assertive as the need be, as you realign the boundaries.

Keep interactions light, loving, playful and even humourous even if small. That way you will also be ease. As only a loving heart can be at ease. Peace follows soon after.

Middle path is the best as always to find balance.

For example, When you love someone, concern is natural. In that case drop the suggestion and give your perspective towards a situation.

Then detach from it. Don’t expect the other person to accept your suggestion or work accordingly. Some where we have to understand and accept that, the person we love or have a concern for is also on his/her journey. So we have to respect their choices and life course as well.

In few words its all about “Nishkam Karma” or desireless actions. 😊

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