Divine Chaos

When there is a lot of chaos outside,
When nothing seems to make any sense at all,
When you feel nothing is working out as per your plan,
When your mind is fogged with confusion,
When your heart is filled with fear of uncertainty…
Then my friends dig within and start looking inside.

External chaos is nothing but a mere reflection of the mess inside your mind, heart and soul.
Silence the internal voices of doubt, make peace with all the if’s and but’s.

You will ask me how?

And my answer is…
Surrender to the Divine and choose to go with the flow.
Have faith that it’s all a Divine chaos and he will help you sail through this storm.

All you have to do is silence the storm within so that you can clearly listen to his Voice guiding you and navigating you through it all.

Meditate, go to a quiet place and spend some time with yourself.

Let me tell you what I do …
I run to Krishna !
I spend some time in his temple or just sit at a quiet place and Chant the Krishna maha mantra until my heart, mind and soul can only think, hear and feel his name.

All the voices, anxiety and chaos disappears and the control freak in me retires. Then I can once again, clearly hear and listen to the voice of the charioteer, the navigator, the guide and the saviour of my soul …

It’s ok to stumble, fall, break down, feel vulnerable and lost.
We all go through it and that is what makes us human.

What is most important is to gather ourselves, get up and start walking again and live this beautiful life which has been given to us to learn, experience and grow and not to forget to find our light.

Love & Light

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