Freewill or Not?

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Freewill or Not?

Recently someone asked, “Do I have a Freewill or it is all fated?”.. then again someone else pondered, “What is the use of making all the efforts when what is ‘meant’ to happen, will happen anyway?!”

Destiny is not a call for inaction or laziness for that matter. Potential is not a promise. It is our contract with destiny that we have to fulfill. Diligently.

Things will happen when the time is right but we usually keep postponing certain things, thinking that we have time and we will do it later.

We usually do it when it comes to meeting our friends or family or communicating with our loved ones.
Another aspect that we neglect and postpone is connecting with ourselves or contemplating.

Like we keep saying to ourselves that I am busy right now or have important things to do today so I will meditate later.

List of things that we keep postponing can be really big.
Trying seeing it as…

If today was the last day of your life then what all things you would want to do before dying. If not all, do some. Begin somewhere.

Fatalism, Determinism or Freewill has long been debated. But it is both. We have fate, but then we also have destiny. It would foolish of the Creator to make this entire creation and fill it with puppets or robots. Monotonous and boring.

Like we have been given freewill under the parameter of destiny, based on our past karma and life purpose. But if we do not make the efforts, we end up playing life at the level of fate. Sad that would be. Wouldn’t it? Without inner directed karma, there is no moksha. Only regrets on death bed. No wonder Buddha chose this message of urgency, as he point out towards the ephemeral nature of life. Life is short, we all realise one day.

We all see the great sufferings of life around us: Old age, disease and death, yet how many of us seize the moment and contemplate. Most of us say, “Ah some other day, today I am busy.” No wonder, there are very few Buddhas around.

In procrastination, life passes by. As they say, life is what happens to us when we are busy doing other things. Ironically ‘busyness’ has somehow become a synonym for success. A trance of ambition or rage. All an illusion. Wake up if you can! Sit in silence and contemplate, “Where am I going?”..”Where does God want me to go next?”.. and go there!

But why believe us, find the answers the best way – yourself. Be still, learn to go within. One day answers come. Be persistent, humble and open.

Abhishek Joshi & Priyanka Bhargava

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