Happy Guru Purnima!

Monday Post

It’s a blessing to find a guru and it’s only the divine grace that makes you one.
A great privilege which comes with
Huge responsibility!
Only when I have healed myself I will be able to help you heal. If I have overcome my triggers I will be able to help you overcome yours, as I embrace my shadow I will be able to guide you to embrace yours.
Which only becomes possible when I surrender to Krishna and pray that he makes me his flute.
You will ask me why only his flute?
Well, a Flute because it is the only instrument that has HOLES and only Krishna knows which holes to block and which one to unblock so that the air he blows in that hollow piece of bamboo becomes music to the ears and miraculous melody for the souls who choose to hear it.
Not just today but every day I bow down to him for being kind to me and choosing me to be his medium for spreading his love and light.
Since morning I have been receiving love and blessings through the wishes from all my loving students and it’s overwhelming…
I want to thank you all for choosing me, for having faith, trusting, and believing in me.
Accepting me as his medium and cherishing the music he plays through me.
They say when a student is ready a teacher appears but people seldom think when a teacher is ready students appear.
Happy Guru Purnima to all of you!
As in many ways, you all are my teachers too.
Each time when anyone of you approaches me for guidance, Krishna plays a different tune through me. As you learn I too experience and learn something new.
As you grow I too grow with you.
My prayer and vision for all of you have always been one …
That may all of you become his Flute and create music that can help heal you and many other souls out there who are need of love and light.
Love and gratitude ❤️💫
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