Today, Let’s sit back, relax and think…
Who has been with you since the day you were born?
Who has been your constant companion since even before you were born?
Who has been there with you night and day, through thick and thin?
Who is that one person who never left you even for a second?
Who has never cheated you or betrayed you?
Who has never gone behind your back and used you?
Answer is simple right ?
It’s your own self!
And this one person who has been there with you and for you unconditionally, what do you give or what does this person expects from you?
I believe …
The greatest gift you can give to others, is your time, care and compassion.
And the greatest gift you can give to yourself is love…the unconditional love.
So, this Valentine’s Day look at yourself in the mirror and say “ I Love You” to yourself. Hug yourself and say thank you to your inner self for being your unconditional and constant companion to you on this planet earth.
Look around and you will know what I am trying to say, in this world where people change every second day. It’s only your inner self that remains unchanged and unaffected by whatever happens in the outside world.
People will walk into your life and walk out of your life but you my friend will always have you by your side.
I am a strong believer of love and very romantic from the core of my heart.
Someone who grew up reading love stories and listening to everlasting love songs.
My anthem of love remains the same since last 3 decades…
Most of you would have heard that song with the lyrics “ Nothing gonna change my love for you. You ought to know how much I love you.”~ George Benson
It’s just that as life happened to me I realised that you need to sing this song for yourself first and then dedicate it for someone else.
It makes complete sense to me now that…
Only when I love myself unconditionally, I can be prepared to love someone else.
Only when I love my self just the way I am, I will be ready to accept someone else just the way they are.
Only when I am there for myself, I will be able to stand up for others.
That no matter how difficult is the road ahead but if I can hold my own hand and walk on my path, only then I will be a good companion for someone else.
Love that you seek and long for is within you and unless you allow yourself to feel it and cherish it, no amount of love from the world will make you feel contented and happy.
This Valentine’s Day, Start afresh…
It’s never too late to love.
So, today start a new love story, with yourself and I can guarantee you a fairy tale ending which says, “ They lived happily ever after.”
Love & Light
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