Heroes Journey

Heroes Journey

• Heroes Journey •

Why rock bottom is often where most of us begin our journey?

Till then keep resisting. Tell ourselves we are alright, manageable, facades of strength and situation under control, or simply it’s not so bad phase..

What is your rock bottom?

It is important to experience your darkest moment and dark side to strive hard towards light. Or perish.

Many do.

While many others find the light.

Millions have navigated on this path for centuries, though no two path are same. Your path has but one map – within. Seek.

“Becoming belongs to the heights and is full of torment. How can you become if you never are? Therefore you need your bottommost, since there you are. But therefore you also need your heights, since there you become. ”

C. G. Jung. Red Book Liber Novus.

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