Instructions From God

Instructions From God

Instructions from God.

Learning to read how our soul languages its instructions to us is task of a lifetime.

Thoughts, notions, feelings and even visions and dreams. Some experiences are instructive in nature, as are some relationships and encounters.

We need to educate ourselves, diligently, step by step. It is a language which reveals itself slowly.

Give time to your Self every day. Develop a keen practice of inner listening. It will come handy in times of crisis, when you need expert navigation.

Some passions we are born with, some are revealed to us as we become ready, mature enough.

When we give up our need to be important
and surround ourselves with enough humility
to follow reverently, whatever our soul demands of us, we become an able vessels for soul instructions.

May we find enough peace and courage
to empty our hearts of soul’s desire to serve.

May we give up our childish desires to shine, and take to service as our soul longs for and calls us to insistently, if we are listening.

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