Mindfulness or Mindlessness

Mindfulness or Mindlessness

Mindfulness or mindlessness
what are we adding to the world today,
this moment.

A day lived on auto-pilot,
lived unconsciously
is a day wasted
no matter what we achieve
thru the day.
Same holds true for life.

If Krishna, the soul drives
the chariot of our life,
we can be sure to win
the Mahabharata
the great battle of conscience
that daily spans out, dawn to dusk.

When we live
following trails of our ambition
rather than inner inspiration
we end up
in places our soul
would never inhabit.

Thus we waste a lifetime
of opportunities, day by day
in satisfying our ego,
rather than our soul.
When we can bring our ego
in the service of our soul, the Self
we become Self-actualized beings.

Life can never give us
another day,
like this one.
Best to start each one
with a prayer..
God what is your
plan for the day.

That way you can ensure
to have a God-filled day.

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