No bud is ever rushed

Finally the tiny delicate creeper we planted in our garden, is flowering, resplendently.

Good things in life take time. Maturity, wisdom and clarity come with age and years to practice, sadhana. We might get impatient but nature too evolves, and blossoms at its own pace. No hurry.

No bud is ever rushed.

Have patience with yourself. Be kind. Accept your follies kindly. Keep working diligently, tending our self as this delicate creeper, and one day you too will bloom.

There is no other pathway for a soul. Just keep walking. Unfailingly, without giving up hope and faith due to tiny incidences and skirmishes with life. Life is on your side, remember. Just let it guide you, through your inner guidance. Inner Guru, he too is waiting for your blossoming. Your fragrance too will fill the world. 🌼

– Abhishek

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