No One Can Heal You Beyond Your Karma

No one can heal you

Everybody wants to heal. And these days we want it fast. If not instantly.

Often I am amazed at how people approach healing as a miracle cure. Demanding 100% cure, and absolute surety that they would heal instantly, often with just one session.

Interestingly when same people go to an allopathic doctor, they know the limitations. Doctors based on their diagnosis would give medication and treatment, every person responds to healing differently. A healer does the same. Spiritual medicine also has dosage, takes time.

Out of every 10 people who receive same treatment at even the best hospitals, a few don’t get cured. No doctor can claim, at least those who are genuine, of 100% surety. It is not even ethical and legal.

Know that healing is not an entitlement, rather a privilege. We heal when we are ready, karmically. We have to learn to wait. Patient is the term, remember?

Some things will not get healed; some will succumb to their illnesses or will have to endure long hardships humbly or bitterly, our choice. Many unfortunately lose faith at this juncture. As if God or life owed them something. Blaming God is useless as it is our karma which is playing out. God can only guide us towards healing.

When it is your time to heal you will find the right doctor, right medicine and therapy and it will all work. Otherwise you will be hopping from one healer, doctor or therapist to another. In vain. Even the best doctor may give you wrong diagnosis or treatment.

A healer on the other hand has an holistic outlook to begin with, he knows healing the spirit is far more important and lasting than mere mortal being. Healing is a Journey. Be willing to take one, if you really want to heal.

These days, we feel law of karma would effect everyone else but us. And that we are definitely saintly, with no bad karma in our past records.

Get real. Know your karma is playing out in front of you, accept it and heal it. Become in charge of your healing. Gradually as past lives delayer more are revealed to be healed. Pro-actively improve your karma. Thoughts, words and actions. Do sewa or selfless-service if possible. That would help you heal faster, rather running from one healer and doctor to another. Most of all, listen to your inner wisdom. It will guide you on your healing journey. Only the humble heal, and innocent develop faith.

The rest just wait. As Universe waits for them to move towards their light, to develop humility and good karma.

We are here to heal our spirit. While we merely focus on healing the physical body and sometimes the emotional or mental body. If you work upon healing your spirit, you win no matter what. And what better way to heal the spirit than to pray.

Tonight, don’t forget to pray.

After all, miracles are purview of God, and a heartfelt prayer gives us access to Gods benevolence.

It is God who heals. Rest of us only facilitate healing. Knowing this won’t you pray tonight? “Heal me God, heal me; make me whole again…” When a vase gets broken into a thousand pieces, you might try to join them back piece by piece. Or take it to the Creator and ask Him to renew it, as only He can.

Amazing grace.

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