Perfect Relationship

Looking for a perfect relationship, a perfect companion and a picture perfect life?
Well all the above “Perfects” are a myth and that is the only reason why we feel disappointed with people and our relationship with anyone.
The truth is…
Nothing is perfect and that’s the perfect setting by God for our growth.

We don’t need a perfect companion…
We just need someone who is willing to grow with us.

Someone who is ready to put in efforts to be with us and make it work.

Someone who gets irritated with our presence at times and misses us when we are not around.

Someone who can get mad at us but can forgive us the very next moment.

Someone who can fight with us but can’t sleep without resolving the issue with us.

Someone who’s day starts with your smile and ends with your smile.

In short we only need two imperfect people who are ok with each other’s imperfections.

Two people who are unwilling to give up on each other.
When these two people are together then every sunrise and sunset looks picture perfect and life becomes a Love story.

Love & light

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