Powers put to Service

Powers put to Service

•Powers put to Service•

For years I rejected psychic powers, gained over the years of meditation practices and inner work, thinking it would contaminate or distract me from my journey and work as a past life regression therapist. Only lately, I have realised it can be a valuable tool and is a gift and that healing requires much more than therapy – energetic intervention.

Most importantly, it has helped me in guiding students and seekers on the path for whom I could channel guidance from their guides. Then as I discovered psychic regression it gave me an added benefit of having seen their past lives and sometimes future ones, to help them get unstuck now, in the present one.
Other benefits have been in handling cases of soul transition or helping souls in crossing into the Light, exit healing and soul dialoguing for the terminally ill, spirit attachment and black magic removal. Most of us believe in the concept of soul, but few dare to explore the realm of disembodied souls, or simply souls who have not crossed over directly into the light at the time of leaving the physical body.

Whenever we start practicing the healing arts, sooner or later we come cross the phenomena called spirit attachment or possession. Many healers tip toe around it like a typical new-agers, who believe in comfortable fairies but not in ghosts or dark forces. Some ignore, most tend to discount their presence. Yet spirits and ghost have always frightened us all, and we have all heard of shrines, like Mehandipur Balaji and several Sufi dargahs dealing with spirit possession cases. Facing them is best way, as fear is what dark spirits thrive on, personal, and the collective unconscious.

In most cases it is not a malevolent soul, simply a past life connection. A soul seeking retribution, unable to cross over into the light. Compassionate counselling helps them make peace with the past, let go of the trauma, and move on. Leaving the perpetrator to the cycles of karma.

A young man who came for regular self-esteem issues was experiencing anxiety attacks and weird longings, to look towards the sky at night from terrace and beliefs that aliens are more powerful than God. When the alien spirit was removed and destroyed, we returned to regular therapy session and within a few weeks I heard he became perfectly normal and much in love.

One unique case a father’s soul hadn’t crossed over, feeling guilty that he wasn’t there to take care of his family as he died early. When he was told, that was contract he had with souls of family members, much to my surprise he said, “No one told me that!” He dropped his guilt and walked into the light portal created for him for crossing over to the other side.

Tenant of a haunted house, where a Sikh family of five were killed during riots, contacted me. The disturbances and strife in the space run as a play school troubled him for years, despite several pujas. Being a therapist I simply helped the deceased family release their trauma, soon they were ready to walk into the light. Since the tenant is of Christian faith, we used Christian hymns to bring peace and grace. Later, we prayed for the future well-being of the deceased family and installed a picture of Guru Nanak in their memory. Peace returned to the space, and did harmony.

Now I’m finding balance between wisdom and powers received as blessings of Krishna and Buddha, my benign guides. I’m also discovering that real journey is in letting the Light divine shine through, as abundantly as I can, this moment!


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