Rise Again

Rise Again

Rise Again.

Today I was doing a healing session with woman from Afganistan, who was as a young girl was sexually abused for several years during her stay in a foreign country as a refugee. I heard her haunting story, a young girl confusing an abusers forced kiss as rape. Then getting nightmares of being raped by her own father. She stopped going out to play and make friends…

This was compounded by physical and emotional abuse and neglect by her own parents. Ironically I was suddenly reminded of the fact that it was the Women’s Day today.


I thought of, all the slogans and power quotes floating around the world today; witnessing the catharsis of this fragile woman. With tears rolling down her cheeks, slowly releasing her old fears, traumas and pain. As the session progressed she gradually started getting her strength back by confronting all her abusers. Retrieving her souls fragments back!

Blessing it is.

Somewhere in some part of the world at least, I got to witness one woman finding her light, regaining her power and getting her life back again.
Rising again…On this day.

What a gift!

Later her husband came to inform me that she found the session: life changing..

Something is changing in this world. Healing is a possiblity. Even for the most abused. So is empowerment.

A silent prayer was sent forth to the heavens, for every woman out there..May you be safe today, may you be loved, cared and respected. Today. And every day henceforth.


Happy Women’s Day! 🌺


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