Self Discovery

It’s ok to be alone!!

I know it’s difficult as all your fears, childhood memories, abandonment issues, hurts and wounds start surfacing and all your hidden demons and shadows come out on the dance floor.
They make sure all your triggers and insecurities join them and the DJ called loneliness starts playing the loudest heavy metal music and they all hit the floor shaking your heart and mind to the core.

Remember if you will not deal with it, it will never heal.
So, take one step at a time pick one partner from the dance floor, and dance with it, till it starts dancing with you in sync and learns your moves.
Then move to another shadow, insecurity, hurt or trigger and dance with that partner as well…
Hand in hand and looking straight into its eyes. Once you teach it your steps and learn a few of its as well, then embrace it and move to next.

It might get exhausting for you but be patient with yourself and take as long as you want.
There is no hurry!
You can pause, rest and take a break.
But just don’t give up!

It’s your dance floor and there is no use leaving it or escaping it.
Stay there and groove on the music till the DJ starts playing your favourite song.

Then the scene will change and you will see the spotlight on you and you shall find yourself dancing with your true companion who will always be there for you unconditionally no matter what music the world plays.
That companion my dear friends is no one else but your own self.
Once you find this companion you won’t need anyone to complete you. Then whoever comes into your life they will add more sparkle to your life which is already shining with the wisdom of knowing your worth.

Love & Light

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