Spirit Release Therapy

When our energies are embedded with foreign bodies, entities or souls of past life enemies, we become turbid.


Common symptoms are: Confused thoughts, erratic behaviour, sudden mood swings, fearful, even suicidal thoughts, afraid to go out of home, fear darkness or at night, many sleep with lights on. Often people feel a presence around, report backaches, sudden loss in energy, lethargy etc.

The diagnosis is done via psychic reading, for that a recent photograph with eyes clear and looking into the camera has to be send to ascertain whether it is a case requiring energy clearance and of what kind. As sometimes black magic also present , which makes a person susceptible to illnesses and spirits, in that case Black magic, either from current life or past lives needs to be cleared first.

Thereafter a healing session can be planned, either distant for outstation patients or those not open for healing or a personal session, where the subject is taught energy clearance through meditation and connection with personal deities.

Many patients have shown remarkable results, those were not able to access past lives after energy clearance have been able to.

Note: Only what is karmically allowed will happen as we work with higher deities and angels.

Charges depend on healing work required, available upon request.

Need help or healing? Write to us about your issues at



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