Sun That You Are, Shine


Sun that you are, shine!

We all want to shine and stand out. Afraid we are of fading into the oblivion. Or simply being ignored. But the soul knows its light, so doesn’t bother.

Sun shines equally on us all. We are particles of the same light source, our job is allow the light divine, no matter where we are. That’s our permanent job as long as we have this vessel called human body; to channel light into the physical reality.

The spotlight of well being and abundance we have upon us, is a blessing. Actually everything good in life is a blessing and a privilege.

When we feel we are entitled to those very things, we get upset as our wishes aren’t fulfilled. When things and people don’t dance on our tunes, we throw tantrums obvious or overt. Sulk, withdraw, get angry, blame and in short feel hurt and unloved. Yet it is expectations which hurt us so often, and our need for others to approve of our light and worthiness for love.

Everything in our life is arranged by the soul to shake us sequentially. To be awake is our choice, life can only try by giving us opportunities where we sit up, get startled or shocked and see the clear picture. An adult sees life events and people with all their imperfections, with acceptance and is at ease. Busy shining, allowing.

Yes sometimes we all will get ignored as it is someone else’s chance to shine.

Yes, sometimes we will have terrible failures, and setbacks. Yes, sometimes we will get hurt, so comfort yourself, pick yourself up and rise again. An adult always has an intent to learn, and uses the tools of acceptance, humility and forgiveness to heal and let go. By remembering we only harvest we have sown over lifetimes. To leave old story lines, and start afresh.

To still shine. And shine again.

How we rise again and learn, makes for a better human being and life.

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