Take It As A Blessing

Take it as a blessing

Whenever light
enters your life.
Recognise it.
Take it as a blessing,
and honour it.
With your devotion.

Many a lives
could not shine,
just because
they didn’t honour
the light
and it’s sacred guidance
with obedience
and reverence.

Take off your shoes,
you fool,
when you chance upon,
the light.
The ground you’re standing upon
has now become sacred.

Pray that you are able
to recognise, honour
and live it.
That’s the fruition
of a lifetime.
Not your silly dances
around mortal flames.

Dance if you must
around the eternal Sun.
That flame
will first consume you
and the resurrect you
to life eternal.

I shine through
for you.
Illuminate your life,
with my light.
Let it show you
the way home.
To me.

— at Zorba the Buddha.

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