The Jigsaw Called Life

The Jigsaw Called Life

“The Jigsaw called Life“

As a kid it was just a fun task to gather all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes there would be a competition to see who finished their puzzle first and sometimes it would just be a mental drill to time my ability to bring the pieces together.

As a kid I would segregate pieces and make small sets of pieces and then fit them all together to make the complete puzzle. To make one ‘giant’ jigsaw puzzle was too confusing for me. There were too many pieces so making small frames made sense to me.

You must be thinking, why am I talking of my childhood and Jigsaw puzzles? Well, today morning, I was helping my niece solve her first Jigsaw puzzle and while doing so, I had this whole new perspective for my favourite childhood game.

Don’t you think our life is a big Jigsaw puzzle? Don’t we all keep looking for missing pieces to complete it and feel happy?

But aren’t we all in the rat race of fixing our puzzle first in terms of job, bank balance, good marriage, brilliant children or luxurious lifestyle? As if it is still a race.

Are we not too focused on making the big puzzle called life look fulfilling or glamourous to others?

Aren’t we are missing out the joy of getting the smaller pieces right like spending time with our family and friends or finding time for doing what we really like to do? Or celebrating small moments, small victories of life? Who knows they might become cherished memories one day.

I am not going to help you with any of the above questions. Actually no one can! It’s you who can answer them for yourself. Decide what are your priorities.

Coming to the most important thing, I understood doing this fun exercise this morning is something I took a long time to realise myself. If we focus on organising and putting the smaller sections of life in the right manner and the right place, then the whole puzzle gets sorted on its own.

Like with this Barbie puzzle…

When we kept the pieces of ‘cake mix’(work), ‘the shelves’ (relationships), and ‘the face’ (inner life) individually at one place, then joined them to make the complete picture of the puzzle (life). Automatically all the pieces fell into place and the puzzle got completed.

Plus the joy of getting the smaller segments right motivated and inspired us to put more effort in getting the other segments right to make the picture complete.

How easy it will be for us if we start seeing our life as a jumbled puzzle. And instead of getting overwhelmed, start solving it segment wise. Segregating each section with full attention and care, giving each aspect of our life importance and love that it deserves. Be health, career, relationships, mind, emotion and spiritual life.

We often spend our energy and time trying to make our life look perfect. mostly to others. Keep peeping into others puzzles. We are too engrossed in the macro that we ignore micro details. Whereas the secret of having a fuller and complete life lies in the joy of getting the seemingly minor details right and in place. After all life is the sum total of our choices, small or big.

Also there is no comparison or competition when it comes to making the puzzle or completing the picture of life as we all have different puzzles and pieces of our puzzles may vary. Complete picture would be different for each one of us.

Take your own time to figure out your life, as only you can make it right. It’s alright to get confused and overwhelmed by it.

How many times you dismantle it start again truly doesn’t matters!! Keep trying with patience, love and perseverance and one day you will get it right.
And as they say… Everything will fall into place eventually!!

Love and light

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