The Last Resort

The Last Resort

~The Last Resort~

A 25-year young man, studying M. Tech came up with a unheard problem. He said “I have forgotten my handwriting.”

He seemed to have forgotten his handwriting, rather how to hold pen in his natural style. Holds the pen awkwardly, very slow writing, hampering career as he is in the teaching profession. As when he tries to write his hands trembles, and soon he gets terribly confused: how to hold pen, leading to anxiety, which affected self-confidence in all parts of life, including career and sexual relationships.

Problem was recurring since last 7 years, increases in times of stress. Tried all treatments like, allopathic, homeopathic, Reiki, and hypnosis. Physiotherapy treatment taken few years ago provided brief respite. Cannot share problem with many people as they will think I’m mad, feels hopeless as cannot sit for competitive exams or take tuitions classes. Also he worked as lecturer briefly, after B. Tech. Soon he became, obsessive about finding cure, doing lots of online research, especially after a hypnotist told him about possession of negative spirits. PLR came as a last resort.

During our first session, his problem was traced to class X, when he took part in a handwriting competition in which he came third, disappointed, he started copying . others’ handwriting. However he couldn’t sustain it, kept switching back and forth between various handwriting styles in the coming period. One day he couldn’t remember his own style, though he regained it on its own after some time, the crack has set in.

Then, while studying for B. Tech, the problem recurred and didn’t go. Resulting in serious confusion and anxiety. He only shared the problem with parents, used to cry. Received physiotherapy at a local medical college, and some counselling which lead to improvement in his condition.

However, when it happened again, nothing helped. He also taught briefly at University, and couldn’t teach tuitions, fearful of his career. He tried lots of treatments. Allopathic, finally visited Medanta, leading hospital in NCR Delhi, where he was diagnosed with Writer’s Cramp, but nothing helped.

In first session with me, he released anxiety from all the anxiety-laden incidences in present life, then through inner dialoguing reprogrammed how he saw his natural handwriting, so he can learn to accept it as it was. The shaking while writing improved considerably, yet it remained, so in followed up session, a week later, we did a past life regression.

He found himself as a boy name Bittu in Bikaner, Rajasthan, in the year 1979.

Next saw himself on his bicycle ready to take part in a cycle competition on road (2 km), which he won and received the a trophy. He goes to Hanuman temple for darshan with the trophy, before going home. But here after darshan his friends, who had lost in the race corner him and beat him, kick him. He is badly hurt in legs, they also pull his hand and twist it, and he is hurt and is in deep pain. They take away the trophy and leave him alone. He limps back home, where mom bandages him. His chest is also hurting. He recovers. However back at school, his friends mock him, and he cries. He finds himself sit on the staircase, hands hurting, and they are bandages.

He couldn’t do anything to the friends even later, and was feeling extremely angry and helpless. Incidentally he has anger issues in this life. So bit by bit we released anger, fear and shame from that incidence. His death in that lifetime was also due to beating by goon s because of some property issue. Upon his death, his body was healed, and all the traumas were released.

Though he still couldn’t believe what all he saw, healing has happened. In the coming months he informed that there is an improvement in his condition. Healed completely within four months of plr sessions. It makes me wonder, why keep PLR as a last resort?

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