The Law of Abundance

Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance

“Feel abundant and let the abundance flow though you.”

Now what is Abundance?

Abundance is just not surplus of money it’s more than that.
Abundance means peace, prosperity, love, care, kindness, success, happiness, good health and much more.
Abundance is also a feeing of contentment with what you have.
It’s also faith that all your needs will be taken care off by the Divine.

Coming to what is the law of Abundance?
Let’s understand the first part “FEEL ABUNDANT “
It means believe that you have abundance of all that you need and want and trust that universe is taking care of the supplies.
You just have to open your arms and receive it. Feel and believe that you will get what you need and what is yours.
Coming to the second part “LET THE ABUNDANCE FLOW THROUGH YOU”.
This means surrender to the Divine and allow yourself to be a medium of the Universe through which Abundance can channelise and flow to the other being.
Simply put… Trust that I am the source of Abundance and I will do whatever I can to spread the Abundance to everyone around me.
Don’t hesitate, don’t say No, don’t ever think that I have limited resources or money and therefore how can I help someone else. Believe that if you have decided to be kind and generous then the Universe will be kind and generous to you.
Make an intention to give and you will see the Magic. Once you choose to be a medium of Abundance then the Universe will surprise you with its unlimited supply.
Practically speaking, if you take care of old people then you will be taken care off in your old age.
If you care for the needs of others then your needs will be taken care off. Examples can be endless but you have to believe in the Law of Abundance to experience the Magical flow of Abundance.

Love and Light

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