The Path of Cosmos

•The Patch of Cosmos•

I always wanted to have Comos flowers at home. They reminded me of my ancestral place – Nainital, where I had seen them growing verily on hill sides and flower beds. It would have been my way of getting a piece of the hills here.

But then for the longest time, I couldn’t find any saplings. Finally when I did find, they didn’t last – dried soon. And then lo and behold, one day I saw them growing in a wild grassy patch. Abundantly, cupiously and joyously.

Reminding me that miracles are purview of God. That’s why there is no logic to so many things in life. Some people heal, some don’t. Some people never find light, some never lose it. Some people see good in every one, some can’t find it in anyone. Some die young, some wait to die. And as for Cosmos, it grows where it likes to.

– Abhishek

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