Think Less, Love More

Mind Cannot Imagine

FOR A LONG TIME, I too believed my mind had all the answers. That, philosophy could solve all the ills of the world. I could talk my way out of everything. And talking could help an entangled mind like mine. I also believed, I could decipher all great mysteries of world if only put my mind to it. Or so I thought.

Little did I know I had yet to see life, and experience its failures, heartbreaks and fatigues. Only then I could discover prayer. And silence.

In time, they lead me to grace. That changed everything. As it changed me first.

I kept my books, my thinking aside. I began to think less and, feel more. Feeling took me much deeper than the mind could ever reach. More I felt, more I knew. About myself, and in time the world.

Today, I know because I feel. I know, the most important power in the world is love. To love when it is hard. And also when it is impossible. That is the power a thinking mind can never reach. Beyond logic. That is where love takes us, into the illogical. And then to the miraculous.

In time, we get to feel the heart of God. In the stillness of our hearts. And then we touch the ecstatic.

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