We Are All Students Out Here

We are all student

We are all students out here. With our own individual curriculum, chosen by our soul, unfolding through the life events and the people we meet.

Every event is coming from God. Loaded with meaning. Trust divine perfection. No one is exempted from it’s impersonal nature. And karma balancing.

We often become resentful or hurt even despondent, when certain events do not make sense. However, once we get the wisdom of our soul or receive soul’s viewpoint, the same event makes perfect sense. The best way to do that in our everyday life is to become completely impersonal about the event, and allow the soul wisdom to descend or arise. Let the illusion created by our ego, of victimhood and separation from God, be broken. Knowing that the soul being a part of God cannot be hurt, without its choice. Let the simple question arise: What is the learning in this? What if there was something my soul wanted to learn through all this, what would it be?

No two journeys are similar, yet we are all here learning to get closer to our truth and to our self. Some souls take lifetimes to learn certain things, while others they learn quickly. Thus there are no good or bad soul, only souls in the process of learning.

To make this learning easy, we choose familiar souls from our soul group. Souls with similar lessons, and whom we incarnate with often. Teaching each other important lessons, through the dramas we get involved in, and scripts we develop with each other. The trick is to stay impersonal and stay on our part of the script. Thus we keep learning, growing, expanding, and stepping into our light, while helping others step into theirs. Fellow travellers. Classmates in this earth school.

There is so much we learn during a regression. When we get to review our lifetimes, remember their lessons, and let go the mistaken beliefs formed. We meet our guides, who reveal the true meaning and purpose behind our life events and life itself. We get to see our life as our soul does – as an opportunity to learn, to create and enjoy the ‘leela’, the cosmic play.

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