What Are You Being This Moment: Light or Darkness?

Light of Darkness

~What are you being this moment: Light or darkness?~

The inner journey is the journey of becoming increasingly aware of our choices, emotions and ultimately our emotional responses to the world, through the present moment situation.

When we increase our awareness through meditative practices, silence and contemplation, we come upon an important realisation: Every encounter gives us a choice. We can either choose to be the light in the situation or its darkness. Rest assured meditative practices, no matter how elaborate or exotic by themselves do not transform our lives, it is our mindful and courageous choices that do.

Darkness is nothing but disconnection from light. When we encounter someone’s temporary disconnection it is an opportunity for us to hold on to our own connection, rest just happens. No one gets away from their karma. Even not making a choice is a choice, and has karmic consequences.It’s better to stay aware of what we are choosing.

Thus, when we choose respond through non-judgment and acceptance, we bring light to the situation. As then, we start partnering with the divine, and channel grace, healing and light to the situation. We become the bearer of light. And of love.

When we give a disconnected response to somebody’s disconnection, through our own fear and judgment, we only add more darkness to the situation. When two disconnected individuals meet, their darkness amplifies through darkness resonance, and we often wonder, “Why do I always get trapped in such situations?

Not realising that we are all here, training to respond better. We keep encountering such situations, until we learn to hold on to our light. Through awareness of the light that we are.

We cannot fight darkness with darkness, we have to choose light. Then we can encounter any darkness, if we hold on to our light.

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