Why Chase A Star When There Is An Entire Universe Within You!

The Journey between…
“ If you have a problem with me then talk to me and not behind my back,”
“If you have a problem with me then it’s not my problem!”

It’s the transformation you have undergone from the phrase “ O fuck!” To “ Fuck it!”

It is the Journey of discovering yourself. It’s a process of embracing yourself as you are and accepting yourself, it is made up of those moments when you stop looking for external validation, start approving and loving yourself,

It comprises of those incidences when you understand that no matter what you do people will still judge you and look for reasons to pull you down.

Not because you did something wrong but because they felt wronged by your right.
Because they are not as good as you and they find it hard to see you shine.

Turning point in your journey is that time when you realise that judging others and yourself is a waste of time also trying to change yourself to suit others is futile.

People talk about you behind your back and leave no chance to stab you because they don’t have enough courage to speak up in front of you.

Only reason they do so is due to low self esteem which gets a boost when they try to malign your image.
Sometimes the best thing a person with shallow self esteem can do to feel better about themselves is to attack someone else’s self esteem.
It can give temporary pleasure to them but they stay far away from truth or real happiness.

It’s sad that they find it difficult to work on themselves to shine and for them diminishing your light seems to be an easier way to gain the spot light. They will keep projecting their darkness and shortcomings on to you.They will be mean like internet trolls as they have nothing better going on in their own lives. They will engage you in their petty fights and arguments. So, steer clear. Like Facebook, be the admin of your mental feed. If it is not uplifting – Delete! If someone’s words make you feel low, then – Chuck it!

Don’t worry about such mean and narrow-minded people as they will grow up at their pace. They don’t have the courage to look within and see their darkness. That is the only reason they keep looking for dark corners in your character.

People who say they are frank, blunt and self-proclaimed ‘straightforward’ are the worst kind of people as they project their internal demons on to the
world and claim to be the wisest, strongest, honest and fearless.

A wise man will never pull anyone down, a strong person will not kick someone’s ass but help the other person grow, a honest soul will deal with its own shadows first and a fearless person will never try to control someone else’s life.

Only an insecure person will try and make you feel miserable, only a broken person will try to break you and your confidence.

A soul who is trapped in its own darkness will only try to take away someone else’s light.

So stop thinking about what others have to say about you, stop bothering about other people’s opinion, stop pleasing the people you love. Exclude the people who fail to include you lovingly.

Accept yourself as you are and love yourself unconditionally it will not only help you love happily but also help you make peace with the world.

Love and Light
Priyanka ⭐️

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