We all have to examine our resistance, to life, to the new, the unknown, uncharted and work our way through it. Through mindfulness, contemplation and prayer. That comprises of inner work.

Life is the material for our growth, and not an impediment in our path to the Light. Life is always complicated, chaotic and unpredictable enough, to make growth a possibility, and a requirement for a peaceful and joyous existence.

Often we become far too comfortable in where we are, no matter uncomfortable. Yet still we refuse to adapt to the higher perspective or wisdom that life offers us as insights. When we say, “These solutions are not for me, I’m far below”, what we are really saying is I do not want to make the effort to work through whatever emotions I am going through.

It will always be a leap, when we decide to try another perspective, and yes a higher perspective. For that it is imperative to start where we are. The smallest things and events in life can spurt greatest growth leap, when we are aware. As a thumb rule, when we feel stuck, confused or terrified, it’s time to ask for a higher perspective, and to surrender to it. Stop the fight.

A lot of times we want to keep areas we aren’t able to work out by ourselves to ourselves. Showing a perfect, albeit broken facade. Hide. Sometimes, it is just an issue of humility of accepting we are not able to handle whatever we have in front or within, and surrender to whatever is coming through as guidance, trusting the source, and stop trying to explain away our resistance, our ego.

Life gives us the privilege to have access to the guides in our stillness, who can verily guide us to turning life’s daily tribulations into opportunities for growth and salvation. Thus in contemplative posture, we mine for nuggets of gold, of wisdom within.

Life is worth all the effort we put to challenge ourselves. To grow, heal and flourish. To go to the next level. Of ease and peace.

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