You Can’t Fake It To God

You can't fake it to God
We often do the dirty dance of shadow in front of our inner circle that is family. And our well behaved, controlled and poised in front our outer circle that is friends and acquaintance.

Sometimes our inner circle just gives in to our control because they want to maintain harmony and peace. We often misbehave and ill treat people whom we think are weaker to us. Our true personality comes out in front of someone whom we think cannot harm us, retaliate or do us any benefit.

Do you with equal ease can shout at your boss as you shout on your spouse, or children? Because you know if you shout at your boss you can lose your job. But venting out your frustration or anger on people who are weaker than you will cause you no harm. It is unfortunate that we do not realise that our harsh words and actions are hampering the very relationships that we are supposed to be nurtured the most.

Take out some time and think…
Think …

Are you behaving similar with your inner circle( family) and to your outer circle (friends and acquaintance)?

Are you equally polite and humble to your family as you are with people in the society?

Are you as empathetic for the women in your house as you are for a social cause related to women?

Are you equally giving and forgiving as you show off in the public?

Do you accept your family as they are, as lovingly you accept the people in the outside world?

Are you practising what you are preaching on a social platform?

Are you equally kind to your employees as you are with the employees of your friends?

Do you listen to the ideas and suggestions of your inner circle with the same acceptance as you do of your outer circle?

No!! I don’t wanna know.
Just Be true to yourself and tell it to yourself.
It is for you to know if you are honest with yourself or not.
Because …
My dear!! You can lie to me or to yourself or to the Society …
But you cannot lie to God…

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